Is it Time for a Password Manager?


October 16, 2017 - A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the importance of changing and managing your passwords.  We also provided some tips on creating complex and unique passwords that are continuously updated.  (If you missed the post check it out).   For those of you who read the article and thought “I’m not sure I want to deal with that” there may be another way…the Password Manager.  There are multiple options out there for password management software.  Here’s what you need to know. What is a Password Manager? A password manager is an application you install on your computer and mobile devices designed to make password management quick and easy.  The core concept is you create one Master Password [...]

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That Favorite Password You Love…It’s Out There | AccountabilIT Tech Tip of the Month


October 2, 2017 - That favorite password you love is great. You know it well. It flies off your fingers onto your keyboard with lightning speed and gets you in everywhere. Unfortunately, if you’re using the same one in more than one place there’s a very good chance it’s out there. And not “out there” in a cool way, it’s out there on the dark web, waiting to be purchased by the next cyber-criminal set out to make some cash and ruin your day. So, what’s the right type of password? Passwords should be like your high school relationships. Super special, constantly changing and overly complicated. By special we mean you should treat each place you log in like it’s [...]

That Favorite Password You Love…It’s Out There | AccountabilIT Tech Tip of the Month2022-02-20T14:16:46-07:00

Ransomware – Two Myths That Are Putting You at Risk


September 25, 2017 - We’ve encountered some interesting perspectives when talking with small businesses about ransomware.  Unfortunately what we’ve found is most small and midsized businesses have beliefs about cyber security and ransomware that are anchored more in myths than in facts.  Here’s the two biggest myths we encountered, and why they’re dangerous for your business. Myth #1: I won't be a victim of ransomware The first thing we found is that most small businesses think they won’t be a victim.  After all, who would want to steal their data?  Unfortunately the stats don’t prove that out….according to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report 43% of cyber attacks actually target small businesses.  That’s a startling statistic, but when you break [...]

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Windows Defender Exploit Information


May 9, 2017 - Last night an exploit was discovered that affects the anti-malware engine used by several Microsoft Security applications. It has been called the “the worst Windows remote code exec in recent memory.” You can read more about the vulnerability and the risks associated with it here:   While these applications are installed on all machines, AccountabilIT utilizes other software to protect your computers, email and data. However, based on the severity of the exploit we are going to be deploying the update as soon as it’s available from Microsoft. This update could require a reboot. While our goal is to set a reboot schedule with minimal impact to your business, system security is our top [...]

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Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Testing for Your Network


March 9, 2017 - Hearing “all of your confidential information is extremely vulnerable, we know this because…” can be good or bad news, but whatever follows the ellipses determines just what type of situation you're in. Consider two scenarios. Scenario 1: “All of your confidential information is extremely vulnerable… we know this because a hacker took all of your customers’ credit card info and locked all of your files behind ransomware.” Scenario 2: “All of your confidential information is extremely vulnerable…we know this because we did a vulnerability scan of your network, and have some suggestions on how you can improve.” 61% percent of small businesses are victimized by cyber attacks each year, and one in five victims do not [...]

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Stay Secure My Friend… More Hackers Targeting SMBs


February 20, 2017 - Many SMBs don’t realize it, but the path to some grand cybercrime score of a lifetime may go right through their backdoor.  SMBs are commonly vendors, suppliers, or service providers who work with much larger enterprises. Unfortunately, they may be unaware that this makes them a prime target for hackers. Worse yet, this may be costing them new business. Larger companies likely have their security game in check, making it difficult for hackers to crack their data. They have both the financial resources and staffing power to stay on top of security practices. But smaller firms continue to lag when it comes to security. In many cases, the gateway to accessing a large company’s info and [...]

Stay Secure My Friend… More Hackers Targeting SMBs2022-02-20T14:16:48-07:00
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