Database and Application Managed Services

Like Having an In-House Team
Of Database Experts

Your applications, and the databases that run them, are critical to your business operations. As your managed service provider (MSP), we take a strategic approach to ensure your data-critical applications perform. We are always available, optimized, and working hard to support your business.

Capacity Planning

Reconfiguring and consolidating according to your business’s data usage, we optimize your database instances, so your resources easily scale and adapt to your changing needs.

Performance Tuning

As your full-time team of tuning experts, we ensure you always experience the total value of your investments through ongoing optimization.

Consulting Services

We act as an extension of your organization, meaning we work with your team to strategize your database and application design and empower your growth.

Our Database & Application Managed Services Process

Data is everything to today’s modern businesses, and it’s important to work with a managed service provider that has the utmost expertise in administering and safeguarding your systems and data.


We get a comprehensive view of your database systems and web applications so we can prioritize according to your needs.


With continuous monitoring, performance audits and analysis, we proactively locate and resolve any performance or security flaws.


We take over all admin functions so you can get back to running your business with the peace of mind that your data is always available.


No matter where your server is hosted, we carry out critical maintenance tasks and ensure high performance of your applications.

When do you need our data and application managed services?

You need a strategic partner

In today’s age of rapidly evolving digital technology, you need a partner that can do more than ensure your databases and applications are running smoothly. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience with digital transformations, we work with you to strategize new initiatives, so your database systems don’t just keep up with your growth but actively empower it.

You need to optimize your MicroSoft environment

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the expertise necessary to ensure that the Microsoft applications critical to your operations are always running smoothly and boosting efficiency across your business. When you work with AccountabilIT, you know you’re getting the most out of your Microsoft investment.

You need a full-service solution

Your database management systems affect all areas of your business, so one database administrator isn’t enough to cover the long list of management to-dos. We act as your in-house database experts, so you get the end-to-end services you need without having to hire a whole internal team.