Modern Work Demands a Modern Workplace

Helping You Build & Implement
a Modern Workplace Strategy

What does the future of work look like? It is a combination of remote work and onsite environments that empower and connect employees, secure data and information, and increase productivity. It looks like leveraging technology tools to improve the employee experience, assuring business leaders can achieve key objectives, all while keeping data protected across platforms and devices.

So how do you build a modern workplace? We’re here to help you strategize and implement comprehensive, integrated and secure future-looking solutions that meet the technological needs of your business and its employees.

Modern Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint, are designed to foster seamless communication, creativity, and problem-solving.

Multi-device, Mobile Access

Employees today expect flexibility. They want the ability to work from anywhere, on any device. With Microsoft’s Modern Workplace solutions, you employees can securely access their work from their company or personal device, mobile or desk-based.

Secure Workplace Solutions

Improve or regain control over access management, and protect credentials, data, and devices with enterprise-grade cloud security.

Transform Your Workplace with Microsoft 365 Technologies and Productivity Applications

Microsoft Modern Workplace is Microsoft 365 for the next frontier of working. This holistic suite of solutions enables users to work from anywhere without posing a security risk to your business. There are a number of applications and technologies that are part of the Modern Workplace suite.

Here are just a few.

Microsoft Intune

Device management can be problematic in this age of bring-your-own-device. Microsoft Intune helps you manage employee devices and mitigate the security risks associated with “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies while providing employees the device flexibility needed to do their jobs well.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

This key technology gives employees more control over access, but with features that provide the right layers of security. These include self-service passwords, conditional access policies, threat assessment, and single sign-on.

Microsoft Teams

Whether your team members utilize chat, voice, or video, Microsoft Teams is the secure, centralized tool that helps them stay connected and able to access shared content anytime and anywhere. With Microsoft Teams, your employees can get things done, work together confidently and seamlessly, and move the needle.

Microsoft Viva

This employee experience platform (EXP) helps you put the focus on the heart of your business: your people. Viva is a powerful tool for fostering a culture of human connection, purpose, growth, well-being, and results within your organization.

We’ll help you strategize which of the cloud-based solutions will help you best modernize your workplace and correctly configure and implement these solutions, so you can more readily achieve critical business objectives while keeping your data secure.

How can a modern workplace work for you?

Supporting Work-from-home Employees

A digital workplace makes it easy for employees to produce their best work remotely. Team members can access documents, join meetings, or collaborate on projects from anywhere, and what’s more, they can do so with powerful security and compliance features.

Supporting your Onsite Workforce

Naturally, there are still benefits to coming into the office, and modern workplace technologies provide the flexibility and agility required to support diverse ways of working. Scalable tools facilitate seamless collaboration and allow organizations to capture creativity and engage their workforce, wherever they are.

Supporting Hybrid Work Solutions

These days, employees expect hybrid schedule options—spending some days in the office and others working from home or another remote location. With cloud-based Microsoft Modern Workplace, employees can work from anywhere, and do so productively.