How to Safely Manage Your Fully Remote Team


Working remotely is steadily gaining popularity in America. In a recent study conducted by the US Census, more than 5.2%, 8 million,  Americans currently work from home as of 2017. The trend is moving upward 5% from 2016 and continues to climb. As internet connectivity continues to improve, the demand for a more flexible work environment also increases. Source: Working from home also helps improve employee retention and overall well being. Some small business owners saw a decrease in employee turnover by over 50% when they’ve implemented a remote work environment.     It seems there are many advantages to ditching the cubicle and adopting a work from home policy. We’ve covered a few things to think about if you’re considering [...]

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3 Ways to Prevent a Ransomware Attack on your Business


Holding a person's or business's data for profit has been wildly successful in the most recent years. The cybersecurity world may seem complicated for many non-IT experts to understand; however, the act is pure and shares a common goal. Ransomware is a form of malware that locks a person or business's out of their hard drive, preventing the owner from accessing the files, and demanding payment for the release of the data.  No business is immune to a malware attack, and an attack can be costly. Did you know that the average cost of a ransomware attack can cost well over $133,000 per attack? When your digital systems come under attack, it can be extremely stressful can put your business [...]

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Surviving the Ultimate Fake Email


February 5, 2018 – Think you’ve received an email from a company you know?  Maybe not. Cyber attackers often use a fake email that appears to be legit to trick you into sending them money.  Maybe you received an email from a familiar company, stating that there has been a last-minute change.  They say their bank has a provided them with a new wire transfer number and they're asking you to wire the money to this new number. Unfortunately, if you wire money to a scammer, there’s a good chance you will never see that money again. Sometimes cyber criminals will send an email trying to trick you into providing login credentials to popular websites like Amazon and banking sites [...]

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5 Non-technical Tips to Improve Your Data Security


January 29, 2018 – As an IT support company, we spend a lot of time obsessing about the technology we use to keep our customers’ data safe and secure from cyber criminals.  But if you’re not into all that tech detail, what steps can you take on your own to protect your data? Are there non-technical security measures you can take? Absolutely.  When we implement a data security solution we think about a multi-layered approach that goes beyond the technology. In fact, one of the most critical elements is the people factor.  Careless behavior by employees is a leading cause of data breaches.  And while not malicious or intentional, the security breach is still a very painful reality for small [...]

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7 Questions You Should Ask Your IT Security Provider


January 15, 2018 -- Data security continues to be a top concern for small and midsized it should be. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigation report, 61% of breaches hit smaller businesses. And while data security might be a top concern, too many small businesses don’t take action. 90% of small businesses aren’t using any sort of data protection according to UPS Capital. In order to protect your business, there are some critical questions you should be asking your IT Security provider. (Don’t have one? Contact Us.) IT Security Question #1 – How Often Do We Back Up Our Data? Your business changes by the minute. Backing up your data only once per day or just weekly isn't enough. [...]

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W2 Phishing Scams are Headed Your Way


January 8, 2018 - It’s that time of year again. HR administrators and payroll teams are coming out of their holiday haze. And now it's time to focus on everyone’s second favorite time of year…tax time.  Jokes aside, this time of year provides a fresh opportunity for cyber criminals to target small and midsized businesses.  Cyber criminals will use sophisticated W2 phishing scams to trick payroll departments, accountants, and HR teams into providing W2 data on company employees. This type of business email compromise is big money, and small-to-midsized businesses are a prime target. How W2 Phishing Scams Work With phishing schemes, the cyber criminal sends an email from a fraudulent account. But the email appears at first glance to [...]

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2018 Technology Resolutions for Small & Midsized Business


January 1, 2018 - The new year is here! And with every new year comes a new set of opportunities (and challenges!) for your growing business. Make 2018 the year you use technology to give you a competitive edge, and also to protect your business. If you’ve been putting this off (maybe hoping you’ll somehow be missed by cyber criminals?), now is your chance! Tackle that IT “to do” list and put yourself on the right path to move your business forward. Technology Resolution #1 – Backup Your Data Take a moment to picture this: What would happen to your business if you lost a day’s worth of data? A week’s? All of it? Unfortunately data loss can happen to [...]

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Implementing BYOD for Small and Midsized Businesses


December 4, 2017 - BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become more and more popular with small and midsized businesses.  When employees supply their own mobile devices and laptops it can be a great benefit for your business in terms of cost savings.  Plus, employees get to have the device of their own choosing. (For more on the pros and cons of BYOD, see our blog post from last week). When implementing BYOD, one of the cons we highlighted last week is security issues.  To reduce the risks (and the costs) we recommend small and mid-sized businesses take an approach that includes the following areas: Create a BYOD Policy Before implementing BYOD, it’s important to set up the policies you will [...]

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Top 5 Small Biz Tech Trends for 2018


November 20, 2017 - In October Microsoft surveyed over 1300 small business owners to gain insight into the trends we’ll be seeing in 2018. And there were a couple of surprises. Here we’ll share our take on the results, and showcase what we believe are the top 5 most important tech trends to be aware of as we turn the corner into next year. #5 – Keeping up with Technology is a Top Concern Top tech challenge for small biz in 2018 is staying ahead of technology change, with nearly have of the established business owners surveyed picking this as the top concern.  And there’s no arguing that technology is rapidly changing the business landscape.  But in some ways, new [...]

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Spam – Simply Annoying or a Serious Business Threat?


November 13, 2017 - It’s November of 2017 and we honestly can’t believe we’re writing a blog post about spam.  Yet spam-related issues are still a major problem...and it feels like it's coming back in full force.  Is it our imagination?  Unfortunately not.  Back in 2010 spam was hitting its peak.  It was all over your inbox, and incredibly annoying.  But for the most part it was simply that…annoying.  The bulk of it just delivered ads you didn’t want.  And occasionally you would hear about spam delivering viruses, and people got used to the idea of installing anti-virus programs on their machines.  For users, you cleared out your inbox and moved on. And over the past few years, we’ve all [...]

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Top 5 Social Engineering Scams – Protect Yourself


November 6, 2017 - What are Social Engineering Scams? Social engineering scams are tactics that allows hackers to access your systems through direct manipulation of your employees.  This is taking cyber-attacks to a whole new level. And it is challenging because it can be extremely difficult to prevent. With social engineering, the hacker will focus themselves on a specific target. They will try to fool their target into clicking on a link and downloading a file. Or they'll try to get them to reveal personal and confidential information like usernames and passwords. What are the main Social Engineering Scams to watch out for? There are 5 main social engineering scams.  Read below to find out how to spot them before [...]

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Significant Wi-Fi Network Vulnerability – WPA2 Security Flaw


October 20, 2017 - Earlier this week, security researchers announced a WPA2 security flaw.  WPA2 is the main encryption used to secure the majority of Wi-Fi networks.  This technology encrypts the connection between the wireless device (tablet, mobile phone, printer, etc.) and the wireless access point.  Up until a few days ago it was thought to be a very secure encryption technology.  This newly-discovered vulnerability, called KRACK could change all that. Android and Linux devices are particularly susceptible to the vulnerability. How Will the WPA2 Security Flaw Affect Me? This will primarily affect you if you are using public WiFi.  We recommend that you avoid sending any secure, sensitive, or personally identifiable information over public WiFi at all times.  However, [...]

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