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Minimize Errors to Empower Your Business

Human error is unavoidable, but resulting cybersecurity risks can be mitigated through effective Security Awareness Training (SAT). As a Knowbe4 security awareness partner, we help businesses of all sizes create a strong line of defense by giving employees the knowledge, experience and awareness they need to recognize threats.

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Create the best line of defense against security threats by empowering your employees with the awareness, experience, and the knowledge to see threats as they emerge.

Knowbe4 Platform

We strategically select from Knowbe4’s hundreds of training programs to deliver the ones that best meet your needs and objectives.

Security Training

We organize and implement training programs for anything from safe social media browsing to identifying sensitive information.

Simulated Phishing

To eliminate threats to your business, we ensure your employees understand, recognize, and avoid phishing attempts.

A Better Approach to Cybersecurity Awareness Training with AccountabilIT

With our comprehensive training approach, we go beyond just designing a simple training program. We build an entire training system, from start-to-finish, tailored to your business, including the implementation and execution.

Identify training type

We’ll work closely with you to identify the Security Awareness Training program that will be most valuable to your company.

Training program structure

You can focus on your business operations while we focus on creating customized training content for your employees.

Phishing campaign design

We walk through the phishing templates we’ll be using and make adjustments according to your biggest goals and priorities.

Implementation & execution

We execute the program ourselves to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Here’s why your business needs Security Awareness Training.

Strengthen Defenses

Letting cybersecurity fall completely on your IT department is unsustainable and ineffective. With AccountabilIT’s security and Knowbe4 expertise, you’ll instill a sense of responsibility in all of your employees, freeing up resources and creating more robust defenses against cyber attacks.

Compliance Assurance

Compliance is just one part of security awareness training, but it’s critical to mitigate risk at your business. While we help you create a safer and more secure IT environment, we’ll also ensure that you’re fully compliant with complex data protection laws and regulatory requirements.

Establish Confidence

Customers are increasingly aware of the importance of data protection, so businesses of all sizes can’t afford to have poor cybersecurity measures in place. We’re here to give you and your employees the tools that not only protect your business but show your customers you’re protecting them, too.

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