Keep a smooth operation running with desktop support

Worry-free IT is just
around the corner

Desktop PCs are the windows to the world of business operations, delivering the processing power and storage capabilities professionals require to do their jobs. They can also be a source of frustration for IT staff. Updating, managing and patching PCs is a time-intensive process. The challenge is, when you have to divert your attention from the job at hand to work on computers, productivity suffers. Enter desktop support services from AccountabilIT. We help ensure your desktops remain secure, reliable and performing their best.

U.S.-Based Live Support

24/7 through email, phone and portal, designed to be an extension of your existing support staff.

Mature Management Portal

The right support tools to quickly respond and resolve requests from users rapidly.

Triage Planning

We’ll also help you develop a triage plan to assess, resolve and escalate requests.

Helping IT Stay Responsive and Focused Ahead

We provide ongoing monitoring of service levels and security events and proactively respond to issues as they arise.

We ensure that your desktops are secure and performing their best 24/7, to free up your in-house IT staff to stay productive.

Real-time dashboards and up-to-the minute reporting give you ongoing insight into desktop performance.

Keep ahead of emerging security threats and respond rapidly as we help you minimize vulnerabilities.

What is Desktop Support?

How is it different than a help desk? Desktop support is primarily in an office setting. We help you access the affected machine, working via phone or virtual chat to coordinate with the end user for timely resolution.

Tailored Solutions

We come in and assess where you might need us most then design a program that helps you reimagine troubleshooting, track assets, manage patches and antivirus status, repair hardware and deploy end-user assets.

A Clear Path to Resolution

Minimize costly downtime and service disruptions with our rapid response and resolution for end users. We are an award-winning IT service provider with the people, processes and technology to deliver real value to your IT teams.