Cloud Readiness Assessment: Plan Your Next Move

Do You Know If You’re
Ready to Move to the Cloud?

What will the financial impact of a cloud migration be? What type of cloud environment does your organization need? How would a migration plan look? What are the security risks, and will you meet compliance requirements?

With a cloud readiness assessment from AccountabilIT, we answer these questions and more. The right support team is essential for a successful cloud strategy and migration. We have the skills and expertise to ensure your business is well-positioned to realize the full potential of the cloud.

Assess to Mitigate Risk

Risk comes with venturing into cloud territory. However, with proper planning, an experienced provider, and proven processes and tools, you can minimize the risks.

Determine Your Infrastructure

Our thorough assessment will help you understand what your optimal cloud setup should be, based on your business type, size, and budget.

Optimize Your Investment

A cloud readiness assessment ensures your resources are allocated correctly, and that performance, costs, and compliance are optimized.

Start Your Cloud Journey Here

Becoming a cloud-based business doesn’t start with a migration. The key to a successful migration begins with a deep-dive assessment, allowing us to understand your ideal cloud infrastructure, taking into account everything in your organization, from your data to your people and your business objectives to your budget.


We gather all the info we need on people, processes, tools, local or hybrid infrastructure, and your business drivers, requirements, and desired outcomes so that we can define a vision for your cloud.


We look at all the workloads and applications you want to move to the cloud. This includes email and communication, mobility, databases, system management, storage, business productivity tools, and more.


We devise plans necessary for cloud adoption, including organizational alignment and skills readiness, making sure we align technology needs and efforts with required business outcomes.

Assessment Delivery

Finally, we’re ready to present the best cloud migration approach, along with a plan to minimize potential problems and risk. We’ll also outline anticipated results and cost.

When do you need a cloud readiness assessment?

You’re deciding Between Private & Public Cloud

We have plenty of options as licensing or compliance might drive the need for a hybrid solution. We analyze your particular needs and help you architect a solution that might include a mix of on-premisess, private cloud, hosted private cloud and third-party public cloud with masterful orchestration between platforms – Public, private, or hybrid? When it comes to the cloud, you have options, and we’re here to advise you as to the right one for your business requirements and desired level of investment.

You want to Ensure your Information is Secure

If you’re concerned that the security and integrity of your data are at stake with a move to the cloud, then you need the assistance of skilled cybersecurity and business continuity experts when it comes to determining your cloud readiness and strategy.

You want to Maximize your Cloud Resources

Jumping in with both feet without a proper assessment could mean you miss out on everything the cloud offers. An assessment establishes a basis for the best path forward and helps you optimize your cloud setup plan for performance and cost.