Microsoft 365 Migration and Deployment

Easily migrate data
without downtime or data loss.

How can migrating to Microsoft 365 support your business? From productivity tools to a secure cloud infrastructure, Microsoft 365 helps you secure and streamline your workflows and enhance your collaboration.

Still, it might feel daunting to migrate to Microsoft Office 365. Not to worry: we do the heavy lifting for you while ensuring your data is always accessible and protected throughout the journey. We’ve helped clients migrate from a number of different environments; in house, hosted, multi-locations and more. Our certified experts excel in complex migrations and multiple domains, so we can meet your unique business goals and infrastructure requirements.

Microsoft Expertise

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we know what it takes to have a successful deployment and how to help you avoid mistakes. We are happy to work with your IT team on the migration or handle the deployment ourselves. We tailor our approach to what makes sense for your business.

Get Personal Support

Our professionals have years of experience helping businesses successfully complete their migration and providing personalized assistance—from pre-migration activities to post-migration support.

Seamless Migration Management

We’ve worked with all kinds of platforms including SharePoint, Exchange, G Suite, Lotus notes and more, as well as working with different service providers.

Affordable, Safe and Secure

Migrating platforms can have a big impact on your enterprise. We make the process hassle-free.

No Downtime

We make sure your emails are working smoothly throughout the migration process.

Turnkey Process

From the first planning meeting to post-migration support and training, we can handle everything, start to finish.

The Process

First, we introduce you to your onboarding team so you can ask questions and know who you’re working with. Then, we plan and provision the migration and all the factors involved. Our process ensures we create and evaluate current and desired states of applications, mail and security.

The Support

Our 365 management support includes administrative help for Exchange, including user creation and user termination and other maintenance. We support AD Azure Connect, MDM framework validation and eDiscovery compliance center assistance.

The Result

We take a deep dive into your deployment to measure performance and synchronize Office 365 functionality expertly and with best practices, so you can sit back, relax and watch it just work.