Cyber Security Incident Response Services

Fast, Forward-Thinking
Incident Response Solutions

You’ve identified and contained a security breach. What’s next? How can you quickly and seamlessly return to normal operations? How can you avoid repeat incidents? For a more proactive approach, it’s time to bring in a seasoned team of cybersecurity and incident response experts.

We work as an extension of your own organization to develop comprehensive incident response plans and should an incident occur, we’ll work quickly to eradicate threats and secure your affected systems. Plus, we go beyond that, remediating your infrastructure’s underlying vulnerabilities to improve your security posture long term.

Response Planning

Minimal downtime is the goal of every incident response plan, so you need to have policies in place that outline the roles and responsibilities of all personnel in the case of a security breach. We’ll ensure you have the right guidelines and response steps for restoring operations with minimal damage.

Security Improvements

When incidents do occur, we conduct thorough analyses and create comprehensive incident reports before working with you to develop and deploy new security plans that will better protect your critical assets.

A customized IR plan to fit your needs

Our incident response process brings together industry best practices and our customer-centric philosophy so we can develop and deploy incident remediation steps that don’t just respond to cybersecurity incidents but address their root causes, as well.


We work with you to develop an effective incident response plan that is tailored to fit within your existing processes and align with your goals and priorities.

Identify & Contain

By conducting comprehensive vulnerability and risk assessments, we proactively detect and contain any cyber threats.

Eradicate & Recover

We eliminate malicious activity and keep your business operations and critical assets protected.

Learn & Secure

Once the incident is resolved, we conduct thorough reviews, suggesting and implementing long-term solutions to minimize reoccurrences.

Why does incident response matter for your business?

Tackling cyber attacks in a timely, comprehensive manner does more than simply minimize your downtime. Here are some of the top reasons businesses choose to engage AccountabilIT for our incident response services.

Protect your bottom line

Security events can cause significant loss of revenue, especially when they go undetected. We’re here to successfully bring together the people, processes, and technology necessary to uncover vulnerabilities early, so your bottom line is always protected, not just in times of crisis.

Protect your reputation

Beyond the upfront costs of a data breach, security incidents can lead to a loss of customer trust. With a robust incident response plan, your customers will have the confidence that when they work with you, their information is protected.

Enhance your cybersecurity

We stick with you throughout entire incident response life cycles, using incident reports and forensic analyses to determine the causes of cybersecurity events. The best part? We’ll work with you to address those core problems so you’re proactively minimizing any future threats.