Cybersecurity Awareness Month in Review: Here’s How to Boost Your Security Profile


This year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month has been a great success! We’re taking a closer look at why this month matters, plus easy ways your business can immediately start strengthening its security posture. How It Started Back in 2004, as cybersecurity threats became more commonplace, the President of the United States and Congress officially declared October Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Since its founding, this month has been a collaborative effort between government agencies and private industry to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and empower individuals to stay safe online. Why It Matters According to Norton’s Cybersafety Insights Report, nearly 2 in 3 adults say they are spending more time online than ever before. With the internet playing an increasingly [...]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month in Review: Here’s How to Boost Your Security Profile2022-10-21T09:56:46-07:00

How Privileged Access Management Can Minimize Cyber Attacks & Costly Human Errors


You know the importance of good password hygiene, but when it comes to safeguarding your critical assets from ever-evolving cyber attacks, you don’t want to rely solely on the strength of your login credentials. That’s where privileged access management (PAM) comes in. What is privileged access management (PAM)?First, what is privileged access? In the IT world, privileged access refers to accounts that have more capabilities than the average user. This often means they can, for example, install or uninstall software; add, edit, or delete users; edit passwords and make other administrative changes. These accounts are a lucrative target for cyber criminals looking to gain access to highly confidential information, and more and more organizations are relying on PAM to help defend themselves [...]

How Privileged Access Management Can Minimize Cyber Attacks & Costly Human Errors2022-10-21T09:52:19-07:00

What is Baiting in Cybersecurity


When it comes to social engineering attacks, you might think phishing attacks are your only threat. But that’s only one of the ways bad actors take advantage of human behavior and put your business at risk. Here’s what you need to know about another common social engineering technique: baiting. Often described as being a real-life “Trojan horse,” baiting attacks work by exploiting human curiosity in order to achieve its goal. Different from phishing, which exploits a human’s trust or creates a sense of fear, baiting involves enticing victims with some sort of false promise. If the bait is taken, bad actors can gain access to a system or steal sensitive information. Baiting Techniques to Know There are two key [...]

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Remote Working Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe


As many companies have discovered over the past couple of years, remote working presents myriad advantages, from lower overhead costs to happier, more productive employees. However, with these benefits come new cybersecurity risks. As businesses continue to adapt to a new way of working, cybercriminals are there to take advantage of any weaknesses. To minimize damage to your business and maintain the competitive advantages of enabling remote work, you need to ensure your employees have the tools and knowledge necessary to protect their home networks. Tips Employees Working Remotely Need to Know Every unprotected endpoint is an open door for cyberattacks, so make sure to share these tips on how your employees can keep their information (and your business’s [...]

Remote Working Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe2022-05-31T17:09:37-07:00

Do You Have a Ransomware Response Plan? How to Build One


With more than 4,000 occurring every day, ransomware attacks are no longer a question of if, but when. Don’t let your business get caught off guard and make sure you have a clear ransomware response plan in place. What Is a Ransomware Attack? The term ransomware has become a cybersecurity buzzword but what is it, precisely? What happens when ransomware infects your systems and networks? Put briefly, ransomware is a form of malware that will take your data, or your entire system, hostage. With the goal of extorting money from you, the ransomware won’t release your data until you pay a ransom. Despite the damage these attacks can cause, many businesses don’t have a response plan in place and [...]

Do You Have a Ransomware Response Plan? How to Build One2022-08-23T16:17:27-07:00

Endpoint Security Solutions: What to Look for


Every endpoint in your business poses a threat. Left unprotected, each endpoint becomes an unchallenged point of entry for cyberattacks, and the frequency and intensity of attacks continue to increase. Here’s what you can do to shore up cybersecurity in this particularly vulnerable area. What is an endpoint? Any device that connects to the network outside its firewall is an endpoint. Some endpoints that may readily come to mind are laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. Endpoint devices also include digital printers, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and other IoT (internet of things) devices. Take inventory, and you might realize that there are more endpoints in your system than you initially thought. You may also find that the number and type of [...]

Endpoint Security Solutions: What to Look for2022-02-02T09:39:13-07:00

SMB Cybersecurity Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know


As a small or medium-sized business owner, you might assume hackers target large organizations with the goal of raking in more money. In reality, no business is totally safe from cyberattacks, and SMBs are actually targeted at nearly the same rate as large enterprises. Here is what the statistics have to say about why SMBs need robust security measures, too. 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses Hackers will often target SMBs because the companies’ computer and security systems are typically less complex, making it easier for hackers to access sensitive information. Additionally, businesses today are digitally connected to each other, so hackers often see small businesses as an access point to the systems of large companies, which may [...]

SMB Cybersecurity Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know2022-04-18T10:04:00-07:00

Patch Management Pointers: Best Practices to Secure Your Systems


Do you have a patch management process in place? If not, you’re opening your organization up to vulnerabilities. It’s time to set up and implement a patch management system that works.  You know all about the serious risks cyber attacks pose these days, but what if we told you that consistently implementing patch management best practices could stop most hackers in their tracks? Patches involve the deployment of new or updated code that fixes mistakes, covers vulnerabilities, improves performance, or adds new features to operating systems, applications and software. Why You Should Prioritize Patching It’s true that patch rollout can feel overwhelming, and if you are part of a small business, you might feel like it’s impossible to keep [...]

Patch Management Pointers: Best Practices to Secure Your Systems2021-09-17T08:23:09-07:00

Top Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Are Facing in 2021


Last year was one for the record books when it came to cyber attacks on businesses, governments, and individuals. There were more data breaches and heightened sophistication on all fronts from cyber criminals. As we are halfway through 2021, it’s important to take a deep dive into your business and assess how secure your sensitive data, connected devices, and everything else within your IT infrastructure are. Even if you’re a small business (and especially if you’re a small business), cysecurity matters now more than ever. Here’s a look at some of the top threats your business and others are facing in the current climate. Threat #1: Lack of readiness 78% of senior IT and IT security leaders lack confidence in [...]

Top Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Are Facing in 20212021-07-14T15:53:40-07:00

Why You Need a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment


The recent wave of cyber attacks in the United States—including the dramatic ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline that caused long fuel lines—may have had you wondering how prone to cyber threats your organization is. Ransomware alone has reached new heights with increasingly targeted attacks, and has seen a 158% spike in North America since 2019. As well, new variants of malware have been identified, malicious files have increased, and cloud tools have become weapons for cybercriminals. Why is cybercrime increasing? There are a number of reasons that are swirling to create a perfect storm for cybercriminals, whose tactics are getting both more refined and more aggressive. For starters, the pandemic sent people home to work, where they would access [...]

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Choosing a Cybersecurity Service Provider


Don’t have the budget for an in-house cybersecurity specialist? No worries. You can still get access to the expertise you need to reduce your security risk. Here’s how to get started in your search for an outsourced cybersecurity provider. What does an outsourced cybersecurity provider do? “Is our data safe?” It’s a question your business should know the answer to, and a cybersecurity service provider can ensure the response is in the affirmative. A third-party cybersecurity partner can help you with everything having to do with implementing and managing the data and information security at your business. Having the right security in place protects you from malicious acts aimed at stealing or damaging your data, imposing viruses, ransomware or [...]

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Little Rock Cybersecurity Conference September 25th


This Little Rock Cybersecurity conference connects C-Suite & Senior Executives responsible for protecting their companies’ critical infrastructures with innovative solution providers and renowned information security experts. Within this event you gain access to all Interactive Panels, Discussions, Catered Breakfast, Lunch & Cocktail Reception. FREE VIP Passes To This Event: AIT is offering complimentary passes for guests to attend the event and stop by our booth for a meet & greet and a conversation around how we can provide your company with the services and level of attention needed to meet your goals. As an AIT guest, you can register for a VIP pass using the following link: Promo Code: VIPPASS

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