Vendor Management in Cybersecurity: Selecting the Right Partners


Vendor Management in Cybersecurity: Selecting the Right Partners The Real-World Impact of Vendor Management in Cybersecurity Did you know that in 2020, the SolarWinds cyber attack, which affected numerous government agencies and companies, was attributed to a compromised update from a trusted vendor? This real-life incident underscores the significance of vendor management in cybersecurity. In today's digital landscape, businesses face multifaceted cyber threats that can lead to massive financial loss, reputational damage, and daunting legal liabilities. One of the principal strategies for building a robust cybersecurity defense is selecting the right vendors equipped to fortify your IT infrastructure. Why is Vendor Management Critical in Cybersecurity? The 2013 Target breach, where attackers accessed the company's network through an HVAC contractor, [...]

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AccountabilIT (AIT) Climbs the Ranks in MSSP Alert’s Top 250 MSSP List for 2023


Phoenix, AZ, September 19, 2023 — MSSP Alert, a CyberRisk Alliance resource, has once again honored AccountabilIT by including it in their prestigious list of Top 250 MSSPs, globally. This marks the seventh year in a row that AccountabilIT has earned this accolade. AccountabilIT has secured the #94 spot this year, surging forward by 17 positions from the previous year. This list has seen a growing presence of international competitors over recent years. Despite these challenges, AccountabilIT has not only maintained its spot but advanced significantly, particularly amongst U.S.-based MSSPs. AccountabilIT’s continuous innovations, particularly its focus on Microsoft-driven solutions, have contributed largely to this impressive growth. The company's offering, XDR + SIEM powered by Sentinel, continues to set a [...]

AccountabilIT (AIT) Climbs the Ranks in MSSP Alert’s Top 250 MSSP List for 20232023-09-19T15:10:12-07:00

How CISOs can leverage the Microsoft Security Stack to Balance Security and Productivity in their Organizations


Introduction: The CISO's Dilemma In today's fast-paced digital world, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is more crucial than ever. CISOs must manage a challenging balancing act: ensuring robust and reliable cybersecurity measures while keeping business productivity in full swing. How do effective CISOs balance security and productivity? We've gathered some thoughts and case studies to gain insight into this question. Join us as we explore this challenge to shed light on how to balance security and productivity. The Modern CISO Challenge In 2017, Bromium commissioned a study surveying 500 CISOs from companies with 1000+ employees across the USA, UK, and Germany. Their findings, published in a report titled “The CISO’s Dilemma: Security Versus Productivity,” revealed: [...]

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Overview of Popular Cybersecurity Frameworks


The threat of cybersecurity breaches grows in parallel with our increasing reliance on digital platforms. In today's cybersecurity landscape, a robust cybersecurity framework isn't a luxury but a necessity. Keep reading for an introductory overview of some of the most commonly adopted cybersecurity frameworks that organizations use to bolster their defenses. Numerous cybersecurity frameworks exist to help organizations manage risk and reduce vulnerability. Some sources mention up to 25! This post focuses on the four frameworks that are most relevant to our customers: NIST Cybersecurity Framework ISO 27001 CIS Controls CMMC Before we start, it's worth noting that a cybersecurity framework typically consists of guidelines, best practices, and standards that organizations can adopt to mitigate risks and lessen vulnerabilities. [...]

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Top Cybersecurity Threats to Protect Your Business From in 2023


2022 was a year for the record books when it comes to cybersecurity, so it’s no surprise if the impending threat of cyber attacks still tops your list of concerns. New threats emerge every day, and bad actors are always finding new ways to gain access to businesses’ systems. To minimize security threats and keep a smooth operation running in 2023, it’s time to prepare for these top cybersecurity threats. Ongoing Human Error Going about their day-to-day tasks, humans are bound to make mistakes, but unfortunately, these mistakes can often lead to costly consequences. 88% of data breaches result from human error, so cybersecurity awareness training should be a top priority in 2023. With the right education, your employees [...]

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Cyber Resilience Resolutions to Implement In the New Year


It’s your job to keep your business’s operations running smoothly with robust IT solutions, but how can you keep your systems secure? Achieving absolute security is impossible, so as we approach the new year (and the cyber threats that will come with it) it’s time to focus on not just cybersecurity, but cyber resilience. What Is Cyber Resilience? Though often considered a cybersecurity synonym, cyber resilience is a distinct concept. Cybersecurity is the tools, technologies, and processes involved in preventing and remediating those attacks. Cyber resilience, on the other hand, includes the ability to mitigate the mayhem that attackers cause once they’ve entered your networks. When evaluating your resilience, you might ask questions like: What measures are in place [...]

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Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers


Remote work has taken workplaces by storm, so much so that Upwork predicts remote workers will make up nearly 30% of the workforce in the near future. However, while this new way of working presents a number of competitive advantages, such as access to wider talent pool, it also comes with new cybersecurity risks. Don’t miss the top tips you need to know to protect your business from today’s remote working cybersecurity threats. Biggest Remote Working Cybersecurity Risks & Concerns BIGGER ATTACK SURFACES With employees working remotely, businesses now need to monitor and secure a higher number of networks and endpoints, which can be extremely difficult for IT teams that are stretched thin or don’t have access to advanced [...]

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month in Review: Here’s How to Boost Your Security Profile


This year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month has been a great success! We’re taking a closer look at why this month matters, plus easy ways your business can immediately start strengthening its security posture. How It Started Back in 2004, as cybersecurity threats became more commonplace, the President of the United States and Congress officially declared October Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Since its founding, this month has been a collaborative effort between government agencies and private industry to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and empower individuals to stay safe online. Why It Matters According to Norton’s Cybersafety Insights Report, nearly 2 in 3 adults say they are spending more time online than ever before. With the internet playing an increasingly [...]

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How Privileged Access Management Can Minimize Cyber Attacks & Costly Human Errors


You know the importance of good password hygiene, but when it comes to safeguarding your critical assets from ever-evolving cyber attacks, you don’t want to rely solely on the strength of your login credentials. That’s where privileged access management (PAM) comes in. What is privileged access management (PAM)?First, what is privileged access? In the IT world, privileged access refers to accounts that have more capabilities than the average user. This often means they can, for example, install or uninstall software; add, edit, or delete users; edit passwords and make other administrative changes. These accounts are a lucrative target for cyber criminals looking to gain access to highly confidential information, and more and more organizations are relying on PAM to help defend themselves [...]

How Privileged Access Management Can Minimize Cyber Attacks & Costly Human Errors2022-10-21T09:52:19-07:00

What to Consider in Determining & Establishing a Security Framework for Your Organization


With cyber attacks on the rise, a proactive cybersecurity management program is essential to securing your systems and safeguarding your business. But how do you go about developing one? While some businesses choose to create one in-house, many choose to leverage one (or more) of the standard security frameworks. Read on to get our top tips on how you can select the framework that’s best for your business. What Is a Security Framework? Cybersecurity frameworks are sets guidelines, standards, and best practices for organizations to follow in order to manage vulnerabilities, measure performance, and execute other key security functions. While different frameworks support different requirements, such as compliance and audit needs, they all share a common goal: to help [...]

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What is Baiting in Cybersecurity


When it comes to social engineering attacks, you might think phishing attacks are your only threat. But that’s only one of the ways bad actors take advantage of human behavior and put your business at risk. Here’s what you need to know about another common social engineering technique: baiting. Often described as being a real-life “Trojan horse,” baiting attacks work by exploiting human curiosity in order to achieve its goal. Different from phishing, which exploits a human’s trust or creates a sense of fear, baiting involves enticing victims with some sort of false promise. If the bait is taken, bad actors can gain access to a system or steal sensitive information. Baiting Techniques to Know There are two key [...]

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SMB Cybersecurity Tips: What You Need and How to Get Started


Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) rely on information technology as much as any large enterprise, but they usually don’t have the luxury of being able to afford a robust cybersecurity program. Here’s what SMBs need to know about their unique vulnerabilities (and how to start fixing them). Why are SMBs at risk? In many cases, bad actors are after one thing: money. So why don’t they solely target large enterprises? Big organizations rake in a lot of revenue, but that also means they can afford highly sophisticated cybersecurity measures. Small and medium-sized business, on the other hand, tend to have weaker security. This makes them frequent targets for bad actors that want an easy payout or are searching for [...]

SMB Cybersecurity Tips: What You Need and How to Get Started2023-01-27T12:50:28-07:00
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