Every year, there are more and more stories of large multinational companies who have been the targets of all kinds of cyberattacks. Even small and medium-sized businesses get targeted by hackers, although the news may not make the headlines. Businesses of all sizes need to take cybersecurity seriously. One of the low-hanging fruits is password security. Our IT services team in Denver can help your business with a comprehensive data security strategy that includes password management.

Below are some tips on this, some of which you can begin implementing in your business today:

Creating Strong Passwords

Many people have simple and predictable passwords such as their name or the numbers 12345. To safeguard your business, you must encourage employees to create strong passwords that are impossible to guess. The strongest passwords usually contain a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters.

You can also take this a step further and automatically require your employees to pick new passwords after a recommended number of months. This can keep hackers on their toes and prevent compromises in security that happen over time. We can help you tailor the password creation and reset processes as part of our IT services in Denver. It’s always easier and quicker to get your team on board with your password security efforts when it’s built into your systems and platforms.

Protecting Your Passwords

Creating a strong password is not enough, however, to prevent data compromises. How and where these passwords are kept is equally important. Ideally, passwords should not be written down at all, but for those who are anxious about forgetting them, they must find a safe and secret location or use a verified system to help with managing their different passwords.

Another behavior that is common, but not recommended, is using the same password for several different accounts. While this can simplify the task of remembering what’s what, it poses a serious risk. Educating your team about how to create and protect their passwords is something that you should incorporate into your business.

When you prioritize the security of your business data, you can prevent careless data breaches that can affect your employees, clients, and the business as a whole. At AccountabilIT, Inc., we are committed to providing services and products to improve the productivity and performance of your business. Contact us today to learn about our data security and other IT services in Denver.