Your chief information officer (CIO) represents an important part of tech optimization. This individual can definitely save your business money through bettering tech operations; but depending on the size of your business, you may not be able to afford them. The average salary of a CIO is $162+ thousand annually. That’s over $13.5 thousand a month. They’re likely going to bring you definite value, but the size of your organization may make it such that this value isn’t requisite to the cost of the CIO. SMBs come against this difficulty regularly. However, our IT services team in Denver can provide you a virtual CIO.

Expanded Advantages

In contrast, a VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) can essentially provide you the same services with the advantage of expanded available resources through the MSP they represent. Your internal CIO will only have what’s available to them through your operation’s acquisition. A VCIO has access to equipment and information designed to meet the needs of multiple diverse clientele, meaning they’re likely to have a greater ability than an internal CIO can.

Unfettered CIOs

Something else that a VCIO can do is free up time for your internal CIO. Large businesses can afford both services, and ultimately together, they are likely to yield greater value. An internal CIO can focus on bettering your business in a technological sense, rather than playing catch-up as a thousand little issues crop up. Meanwhile, the VCIO can handle operational troubleshooting, security, and general system’s maintenance.

Expense Reduction

Internal CIOs have to attain financial support to remain cutting-edge, and they’re likely already short-handed and over-budget as it is.

However, our IT services team in Denver can provide affordable CIO services that will reduce operational expense and expand profitability through compartmentalized professionalism. Also, a VCIO is continuously honing their craft.

Providing VCIO services, our team works with enough clients that in a natural sense, new information and technique is translated to tech professionals providing solutions. We strive to provide the latest technology solutions and techniques to our diverse clientele.

An Increasingly Popular Solution

At AccountabilIT, we provide VCIO services, among other IT services in Denver. There are a number of reasons for this, some outlined earlier include expense reduction, greater operational advantages, and unfettered CIOs. If you really want to optimize your business, it makes sense to find areas where tech professionals can provide more solid, reliable solutions than those you can source internally. Contact us now to see what savings VCIO solutions can bring your business.