Survey Monkey Versus Microsoft Forms


Why Pay Twice? Survey Monkey. It's a catchy, memorable name. It has a great reputation as a resource for collecting data and gathering input via surveys and quizzes. The free version is easy to use, and maybe you've considered the paid version. But do you need it? If you have Microsoft O365, you probably already have everything you need to create comprehensive surveys and forms. With Microsoft Forms, you can collect information, conduct polls and surveys, make quizzes, and analyze the data you collect.  Microsoft Forms is a powerful tool for data collection and analysis. Most O365 licenses include Microsoft Forms at no extra charge.  About Microsoft Forms Microsoft Forms runs on iOS, MAC, Android, Windows, and web platforms. It [...]

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How to Add a Connector to an MS Teams Channel


Connectors in MS Teams are a very useful function but few users know about them. You can use connectors to sync updates and data into the chat stream in Teams from other services that your organization subscribes to, such as Trello, Wundlist, GitHub, and Azure DevOps. You can also set up connectors to sync data from your other Office 365 programs into the chat stream. For example, we have a client who wanted to set up automated updates between the sales team and the accounting team when new clients are signed. They created a connector to forward all email notifications that a new contract has been signed into the accounting channel in Teams. They could have set up the email [...]

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Microsoft Teams 101: Tabs in Microsoft Teams


Tabs in Microsoft Teams With tabs, you and your team members can access apps and content within a chat or channel. This makes it easier for team members to work directly with apps and information (and chat about these with the group) all under the umbrella of the channel or chat. Tabs are also a great way to integrate cloud services, such as Stream, One Note, PowerPoint, Evernote, Salesforce, Polly, and more. Team members can add tabs to channels and chats, this helps team members easily access the information needed for the channel-specific project or conversation; for example Power BI reports, dashboards, and MS Stream video channels where you can publish video tutorials.   An advanced understanding of tabs is [...]

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Microsoft Teams is a Game Changer for Education


Microsoft Teams set the bar for digital transformation in education by wrapping its Office 365 suite of products in a collaboration engine unlike anything I have ever seen. It is surprising to see the agility of a company Microsoft’s size making these innovations seemingly out of nowhere and changing collaboration in education at its core. This is not to say the Google platform isn’t equally impressive in its own right with what some would say is a more robust management offering as well as a much more rapid deployment time; but in the collaboration space, Google pushes its base to platforms such as Slack because it has no offering of its own. A missed opportunity for sure as [...]

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