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Azure Machine Learning and What It Can Do for Your Business


Has your business delved into the exciting world of machine learning yet? This application of artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to transform the way your business approaches data, from processing it to using it to inform your business practices and solve problems. What is machine learning? It can feel a little fuzzy or futuristic to those outside of IT, but machine learning has very tangible, right-now benefits. At its most basic, machine learning is the task of making computers more intelligent by teaching them to identify patterns in data. Instead of telling a computer how it should behave or what to do, it teaches computers to retrieve data, then it uses that data to learn and process new [...]

Azure Machine Learning and What It Can Do for Your Business2021-05-19T20:36:22-07:00

Azure Sentinel Updates Coming


New Data Connector UX, AWS live & CyberArk coming. With little fanfare earlier this month, Microsoft released a significant UX (user experience) update to the Data Connectors component of Azure Sentinel, their new flagship cloud-based SIEM: Connect Data Sources to Azure Sentinel. Read more about the Sentinel Preview in my previous article. The new connector selection and configuration features are a big improvement and make the Sentinel connector experience more scalable and intuitive. Also this month an AWS CloudTrail connector went live and a new CyberArk connector appeared in a Coming Soon status. New Data Connectors experience. Properly connecting your sources of security audit data (such as Active Directory (AD) or Azure AD logins, and firewalls) [...]

Azure Sentinel Updates Coming2019-09-10T10:31:02-07:00

Azure Sentinel SIEM Trial


Azure Sentinel: New Microsoft SIEM almost free to trial 2019 is the year to invest in learning about Azure Sentinel. A key reason: during the Public Preview period Azure Sentinel services are provided at no extra charge. The economic motivation: popular cloud-based Enterprise SIEM services (Security information and event management) are among the most expensive and business critical cloud services large and high-value organizations contract for. For hybrid cloud customers already vested in Office 365 and Azure Active Directory, the integration of cloud identity management and security analytics with Azure Sentinel can be piloted with production data at virtually no charge. A finding could be that a pivot to the Microsoft SIEM would increase security, [...]

Azure Sentinel SIEM Trial2019-09-10T10:32:24-07:00

Client Takes All to Azure


A client was severing ties with their parent company and wanted to use the transition as an opportunity to evacuate on-premisess data centers and move to a hybrid cloud model. After full discovery and a thorough assessment of the client’s business goals, AccountabilIT designed a plan to move all infrastructure to Office 365 and Azure except for a small footprint of hyper-converged host clusters the would serve for office automation functions. The strategy gave the client their desired level of independency as well as agility and scalability for their future plans. MIGRATION STRATEGY Migrate 60 business servers to Azure utilizing IaaS platform A full O365 migration for over 700 users Deploy two-node hyper-converged Hyper-V host clusters [...]

Client Takes All to Azure2019-05-22T14:18:20-07:00

Azure Log Analytics Webinar


AccountabilIT hosted a webinar with Microsoft MVP and AccountabilIT's Senior Director of Technology, John Joyner. A live demo of Azure Log Analytics was presented, and we highlighted the newest OMS update management service. During the webinar John will took a closer look at: OMS architecture (Windows, Linux direct agent; SCOM) What data can you connect to ALA (Windows events, Syslog messages, Performance data) How to interact with ALA: ALA Query Language in the Azure portal OMS Alerts and Dashboards Mobile client External system interaction such as ITSM Examples of OMS solutions available Updates for Windows and Linux systems Azure security center Site Recovery and Backup

Azure Log Analytics Webinar2019-05-22T14:16:58-07:00

Azure Log Analytics: The Best ‘Syslog’ Destination


A common business requirement of many enterprises is the forwarding, collection, and analysis of syslog messages. In practical terms, this means central event log storage and processing for most all network gear except Microsoft Windows Server and applications which have the Event Log service. Using a syslog server as a collection point for logging activities allows all network logs to be stored in one place so they can be searched easily. A syslog collection facility is a must for network security because without a syslog server, logs remain on scattered devices and can never be reviewed or archived. All Linux and UNIX servers have syslog capability and most networking gear such as Cisco routers, Check Point [...]

Azure Log Analytics: The Best ‘Syslog’ Destination2019-05-22T14:16:14-07:00

An Overview of Azure Site Recovery


Azure Site Recovery Overview Microsoft introduced Azure Site Recovery (ASR) in 2014.  This Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service offering allows on-premisess workloads to be replicated into Azure, or another datacenter, to allow for rapid failover in the event of a major outage.  At the time the service was narrowly focused on only those environments running Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager.  Since then the service has expanded to cover not only VMware environments, but has Azure region-to-region support in Preview.  It has become the de facto method for migrating live workloads to Azure with minimal disruption.  We’re going to review how to plan an ASR deployment for these newer capabilities. Key Concepts Azure Site Recovery works well in both [...]

An Overview of Azure Site Recovery2019-05-22T14:14:49-07:00

Cloud Servers 40% Cheaper with HUB


Cloud servers 40% cheaper with Microsoft Hybrid Use Benefit (HUB) What organization doesn’t want to save 40% on computing infrastructure costs? If you are a “Windows shop” that is on or starting a cloud journey, you need to know about Microsoft’s Hybrid Use Benefit (HUB) for Windows servers in Azure…or you will pay too much! A “Windows shop” in this case specifically means your organization has previously purchased Windows server licenses with the “Software Assurance” (SA) benefit. HUB lets you convert or reuse Windows Server Datacenter and Standard edition licenses covered with SA. When you deploy server images in Azure running the Windows Server operating system (OS), Microsoft assumes you need to pay for the Windows [...]

Cloud Servers 40% Cheaper with HUB2019-05-22T14:34:43-07:00

One of Microsoft’s Top U.S. Partners


ACCOUNTABILIT NAMED AS ONE OF MICROSOFT’S TOP U.S. PARTNERS LITTLE ROCK, AR — AccountabilIT was named by Redmond Channel Partner magazine to the RCP 200, a list of the top 200 Microsoft partners in the United States. The prestigious list began in 2016 and AccountabilIT has been listed both years. "The great Microsoft partners combine strong technical expertise with a sophisticated understanding of their customers' business requirements to deliver great solutions. The companies that made our 2nd annual RCP 200 list demonstrated those qualities," said Scott Bekker, Editor-in-Chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine, the leading channel publication for the Microsoft partner community. With over 100,000 Microsoft partners in the U.S. alone, this list was published as [...]

One of Microsoft’s Top U.S. Partners2019-05-22T14:27:08-07:00
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