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AccountabilIT Named a Top 250 MSSP for 2022


MSSP Alert’s Sixth-Annual List Honors MSSP, MDR and SOCaaS Cybersecurity Companies Worldwide Phoenix, AZ, September 19, 2022 — For the sixth consecutive year, MSSP Alert, a CyberRisk Alliance resource, has named industry-leading cybersecurity and IT service provider, AccountabilIT to its global list of Top 250 MSSPs of 2022, out of approximately 10,000 managed security service providers (MSSPs) worldwide. The Top 250 list identifies the top managed security service providers (MSSPs), managed detection and response (MDR) and Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) providers across the globe. AccountabilIT has received this honor every year since the list’s inception in 2017. AccountabilIT has been recognized in the top 50% of MSSPs globally for its successful business practices and robust security offerings, [...]

AccountabilIT Named a Top 250 MSSP for 20222022-09-20T17:00:43-07:00

Passphrase vs Password: What You Need to Know


When securing your business’s sensitive information, the most minor changes can be some of the most effective. For example, having your employees create passphrases rather than passwords could be the difference between a secure network and a costly data breach. But what is a passphrase, exactly? Passphrases & Passwords: What’s the Difference? Though often grouped under the term “password,” passphrases and passwords have distinct differences in terms of their definition and how well they keep your information secure. A password is a short set of characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols, and they tend to be 8 to 12 characters. On the other hand, a passphrase is a string of text that forms a complete sentence or phrase, often [...]

Passphrase vs Password: What You Need to Know2022-09-01T13:18:03-07:00

What is Baiting in Cybersecurity


When it comes to social engineering attacks, you might think phishing attacks are your only threat. But that’s only one of the ways bad actors take advantage of human behavior and put your business at risk. Here’s what you need to know about another common social engineering technique: baiting. Often described as being a real-life “Trojan horse,” baiting attacks work by exploiting human curiosity in order to achieve its goal. Different from phishing, which exploits a human’s trust or creates a sense of fear, baiting involves enticing victims with some sort of false promise. If the bait is taken, bad actors can gain access to a system or steal sensitive information. Baiting Techniques to Know There are two key [...]

What is Baiting in Cybersecurity2022-08-26T16:26:08-07:00

Do You Have a Data Loss Prevention Policy? Here’s Why You Need One Now.


Wondering how you can help keep your IT systems running smoothly, eliminate security risks, and meet ever-changing regulatory requirements at the same time? You need a data loss prevention policy. What Is a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policy? A DLP policy is a set of rules, best practices, and technologies, all of which work together to ensure unauthorized users never access your data. While commonly used to protect sensitive information against attackers, a DLP policy is meant to safeguard confidential data against any form of loss, whether it be caused by human error, ransomware or a natural disaster. How Is Data Lost? There are many ways your businesses data could end up at risk, but some of the most [...]

Do You Have a Data Loss Prevention Policy? Here’s Why You Need One Now.2022-08-26T16:25:08-07:00

What Is Data Leakage? Types of Data Leaks + How to Prevent Them


Today, the world produces an astronomical amount of data. Every second, a single individual creates an average of 1.7 MBs, and that data goes on to be analyzed and distributed at lightning fast rates. This means the risk of a data leak is higher than ever for businesses everywhere. Get the key information you need to know to start shoring up your cybersecurity and securing your organization from the potentially disastrous consequences of data exposure. What Is a Data Leak? Not to be confused with a data breach, which involves a bad actor intentionally exploiting vulnerabilities, a data leak occurs when sensitive data is exposed in any form, whether due to an attack or simply misusing technology. MALICIOUS INSIDERS [...]

What Is Data Leakage? Types of Data Leaks + How to Prevent Them2022-08-25T11:49:22-07:00
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