What is IT strategy consulting and does your business need it? Here we cover some top questions about IT strategy consulting.

Say the word “consulting” and many business owners immediately think of a third party that swoops in, tells their business what to do, and then charges a hefty price for it. And yet, bringing in a consultant to help you with certain sticking points in your business can help you be more effective and even more profitable.

This can certainly be the case when it comes to bringing together your business and technology. After all, your head is in business strategy and business processes, so when it comes to nailing the technology piece, some outside expertise can make sure you get it right.

What does IT strategy consulting do, and how is it different from managed services?

IT strategy consulting is concerned less with the day-to-day management and maintenance of your existing networks, servers, devices, and so on, and more about making a plan that aligns your technology with your organization’s strategy and objectives.

Some of the things that might come out of this plan include:

  • An IT roadmap (a visual, strategic document)
  • IT budget
  • IT organization and structure
  • Improved IT governance and processes
  • Technology architecture/landscape
  • Vendor recommendations or selections

How do I know when it’s the right time to invest in IT strategy consulting?

If you’re considering embarking on a digital transformation, or otherwise need to completely overhaul your existing approach to technology within your organization, then you can benefit from this investment.

Other situations when you might benefit include:

  • You’re merging with or acquiring another business and need to align systems and processes across the board, including where technology is concerned.
  • You are in a period of rapid expansion and your legacy systems can no longer handle the load.
  • You are rolling out new programs or services and need the right technology to support these initiatives.
  • You need to stay ahead of the competition, who may be adopting technology at a faster pace than your business.

What should you look for in an IT strategy consulting firm?

It should be a given that whatever firm you select has an ear to the ground and knows what technology trends are on the horizon. Likewise for consultants that have cybersecurity concerns buttoned up.

Where the best IT strategy consulting services really differentiate themselves is in their people. Look for those who are interested in building long-term relationships with their customers, and who recognize that every customer’s business is unique and requires a customized strategy.

Look for a firm that offers a full professional services approach and can help you from the initial discovery and planning phases, all the way to execution and beyond.

Here are some questions to ask as you are considering different IT strategy consulting offerings:

  • Is the firm interested in a partnership approach (rather than a dictatorial one) to meet your technology needs?
  • Are they interested in getting into the weeds of your business, so they can fully understand your needs?
  • Can they help you understand the technology and why you need it, rather than just ask for your trust?
  • Do they make an effort to explain the rapidly changing technology landscape and why they are making certain recommendations, and do it in terms you understand?
  • Are they capable of supporting across a wide range of technology solutions?
  • Will they be by your side to not only plan your infrastructure and design solutions, but to implement, execute, and problem solve?
  • Are they taking an approach that looks forward to growth, rather than patching problems right now?
  • Are they results-focused and can they help you see ROI?

AccountabilIT is here to help all our customers succeed in bringing their business together with the right technology. Strong relationships with our customers are the backbone of all we do, including in our IT strategy consulting (part of our Professional Services offering). Contact us to learn more today.