When it comes to accessing talent and expertise in certain areas, small-to-medium sized businesses can be at a disadvantage. The big guys have deep pockets for the high leadership headcount that SMBs often do not. While enterprise-level organizations have every “C” in the suite right under their roofs — from CEO to CIO to CMO to CPO and so on — SMBs need to get more creative in identifying how to access the resources that larger businesses have in-house.

When it comes to technology leadership, that’s where a fractional CIO (chief information officer) — also known as a virtual CIO or vCIO — comes in.  If you’re one of those smaller businesses that doesn’t have a full-time CIO, you can leverage the CIO skill set at a fraction of the cost using fractional CIO services.

Virtual CIO — Fractional CIO — vCIO: What They Do

Even if you’re running a SMB, you still need a robust technology strategy. Virtual CIO services offer the professional guidance needed to help you devise IT business processes and budgets, technology roadmaps, and keep you compliant and secure.

Benefits of a Virtual CIO

Technology Knowledge

A virtual CIO offers the years of experience a full-time executive would bring to your organization, but that you otherwise could not afford. They offer technology strategy and knowledge, and help you close that particular gap in your leadership structure.

Experience Across Verticals

Because many vCIOs have cross-vertical experience and are decades into their careers, they bring an experienced, multi-faceted approach to technology leadership. This can bring new, unbiased perspectives into your organization that can help you grow.

Ability to Align Your Business with Your Technology

A virtual CIO will dig deep into your business to understand your vision, background, objectives, and goals. He or she will also take stock of your existing technology landscape and from there, help you set and track a technology strategy that serves the business in the best way possible.

Lower Overall Cost

This benefit is multifold. For starters, you’re not paying another C-level executive salary and benefits, so that overhead is not there. A fractional CIO can also save the business money because the technology approach and infrastructure they recommend and implement is exactly what the business needs. Through their leadership, they are able to eliminate inflated, unnecessary or misdirected IT spend.

Strategic Advantage

Keeping up with technology is all but impossible for the business owner or executive who doesn’t have the right expertise. A vCIO makes sure you’re leveraging the right technology in the right way for your business. When your technology is working to your advantage and you’re not playing catch-up or contending with outdated systems, it allows you to be more competitive in your space.

How are fractional CIO services different from IT support or managed services?

Think of IT support as more of a tactical, troubleshooting approach that provides day-to-day technology help. When your computer crashes or you get a network error, you probably call IT support.

Virtual CIO services, on the other hand, is about strategy, and can be part of your managed services engagement. At AccountabilIT, we offer Virtual CIO services that streamline your business processes using the best IT solutions. It’s a proactive partnership approach that delivers both support and strategy and ensures you’re making effective, timely technology decisions.

What’s Next?

Could your business benefit from working with an IT firm that offers virtual CIO services? Contact us at AccountabilIT to learn more about how we can help you devise and implement a solid technology strategy today.