More and more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are turning to outsourced managed IT services in Denver for their virtual CIO needs. In fact, we have multiple clients that avail our virtual CIO services. This doesn’t come as a surprise: A CIO (a.k.a. chief information officer) is an important part of the organization, but hiring a real live one with the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience is too expensive for SMBs. Thus, SMBs opt for the more practical and affordable alternative, which is a virtual CIO.

But What’s a Virtual CIO in the First Place?

A virtual CIO is a contractor— usually a whole company, not just one person— that stands as an organization’s CIO. The organization availing the services of a virtual CIO pays only for what they need (usually on a subscription basis) so that they don’t have to spend a lot of money, as opposed to the traditional manner of getting a CIO, which involves recruitment, training, compensation, and retention.

Is a Virtual CIO as Effective as a Traditional CIO?

Yes! And even more effective in some ways. Since a virtual CIO is often a company, clients get access to a team of consultants instead of just one person. This means clients not only have access to more IT expertise, but to better diversity of said expertise, as well. After all, it’s ideal for big decisions to be deliberated by a group to ensure different perspectives are considered.

What Can a Virtual CIO Do for Your Organization?

A virtual CIO delivers a suite of managed IT services in Denver— and elsewhere, for that matter. It’s a title that covers a wide variety of tasks, such as infrastructure management, device management, data and system security, network monitoring, onsite support, business continuity, disaster recovery, backup restoration, just to name a few. And unlike a traditional CIO, a virtual CIO is available and accessible 24×7. Sleep is not necessary for the virtual CIO— not when we have staff covering all possible shifts.

Aside from what a virtual CIO can do for you now, another key element is what it can do for you in the future. A virtual CIO can help you design your organization’s IT roadmap, for one thing. A roadmap of the next five years or so is necessary, especially in today’s world of quickly-evolving technology. It’s crucial that your organization has concrete plans on how to adapt to new technology, how to adjust to process revisions, how to use new technology to meet business goals, and how to make adjust business models if the new technology necessitates it. A roadmap prepares your company for change, no matter how sudden it may be. That’s why you need a virtual CIO— and the team behind it— to help you design and strategize a plan.

We at AccountabilIT are happy to serve you as your organization’s virtual CIO and as a provider of managed IT services in Denver. As a company, we utilize tested strategies, methods, and resources to deliver proven results on schedule and within budget, and beyond expectations. Contact us now to learn more about what we can do for you.