Azure Vulnerability Scanning & Remediation to Protect and Defend

Protect Your Business With
Azure Vulnerability Scanning

We’re here to protect your data and support the growth of your business, and that means understanding your entire IT infrastructure, including where your vulnerabilities are. With Azure Defender, we take a complete look at your environment to identify vulnerable areas, prioritize risks and threats according to your business objectives, and then utilize our expertise to continuously remediate any issues.

Network Vulnerability

Protect your most important IT assets with comprehensive scans for suspicious activity or gaps in your network environment.

Cloud Vulnerability

We’ll take our tools to the cloud to ensure security, compliance, and that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Microsoft 365 Vulnerability

Improve your Microsoft products with vulnerability assessments that minimize downtime and prevent attacks on your most important data.

Environment Scan

Using specialized security tools, we’ll take a complete scan of whichever environment we’re working in.

Examine & Rank Threats

We look at the scan results and put together a prioritized list so everyone knows which threats are most critical.

Research & Report

Our vulnerability assessment solution includes delivery of a high-level report with possible vulnerabilities that includes our recommended remediation steps.


We have the capabilities to not just recommend steps but also remediate vulnerabilities, so you know your environment is secure.

System Attack

Sometimes vulnerabilities don’t become clear until they’re exploited. When this occurs, we’re able to quickly scan your IT infrastructure and resolve any issues, to keep bad actors from escalating their damage while we mitigate future threats.

External Awareness

Whether you’re undergoing an audit or need to meet compliance regulations, we’re here to take a deep dive into your organization, ensuring that our scanning and remediation doesn’t just help you meet regulations, but also supports your business priorities and goals.

Proactive Defense

All companies, from large corporations to small businesses, are at risk of cyberattacks. It’s our goal to help you take concrete steps towards securing your most important data. By handing off the responsibility of scanning and remediation, you’ll be able to focus on your core business operations knowing that you’re taking the right protective measures.