Running your IT processes in the cloud comes with a significant degree of flexibility, but it also includes the need for heightening security to protect your IT systems. In response to this development, IT support in Denver is also needed to secure your data in the cloud. However, to ensure the security of your cloud computing infrastructure, it is imperative for you to understand cloud computing systems and how they function.

With a proper understanding of cloud computing technologies, you can partner with a qualified IT support provider to meet your specific needs.

Here are the top tips to secure your cloud computing IT environment:

Partner with a Specialized Cloud Security Provider

With so many IT support providers in Denver, you need to find the right provider to help you secure your cloud environment. An ideal partner must have a proven track record in cloud security and provide an optimized cloud computing environment with built-in encryption and anti-malware software. Your cloud computing system should include dedicated servers with security controls in which data is transferred securely across networks as needed.

Also, a firewall should be part of your cloud servers in order to restrict unauthorized access from malicious actors in cyberspace. Creating access controls is also necessary to limit the access of various departments to the specific systems and information relevant to them. This ensures that cases of unauthorized access by your employees are limited. Also, hackers cannot take over your cloud infrastructure when a single department is hacked.

Set Up Several Data Access Points and Policies

Access is a critical aspect of IT systems, so your cloud infrastructure should be accessible to your employees at all times. However, access should be limited by varying levels of permissions with individual user accounts. Setting limited authorization with multiple user accounts ensures that your system is protected by having them access segments of your cloud system.

This setup also protects your cloud system from being compromised in case one account is hacked. Keeping access permissions updated and on par with industry standards also ensures that your system will be protected from potential data losses in case user accounts are compromised.

Susceptibility Testing

You need to test your network system to identify potential security risks. Testing your system for security vulnerabilities is critical to ensure that your cloud infrastructure can withstand hacking attempts. Identifying security weaknesses will help you revise and strengthen your cloud security.

Enforce Compliance Certifications

Data security in the cloud cannot be attained without following industry compliance standards. Your cloud service provider should have top-level compliance certifications, especially PCI DSS and SOC 2 Type II. Renting your cloud infrastructure from a provider with compliance certifications ensures that your cloud environment meets security management standards for a high level of data security.

Cloud storage is critical for secure data storage, but you need to take the steps above to ensure that your cloud infrastructure can withstand security risks. At AccountabilIT Inc., we offer IT support services in Denver that can secure your cloud environment. Contact us now us to learn more.