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Today, regardless of the industry, we all work differently than we have in years past. We are more efficient, more dynamic and more collaborative. Modern workplaces aren’t bogged down with inflexible environments and legacy bottle necked IT problems nor are they restrained by a physical location. Well-designed IT infrastructures create business environments where people are agile with immediate access to their data, tools and colleagues from any location and from any device. Collaboration is an essential business driver as connectivity steadily increases and with the growing interest in flexible workplaces.

Office 365

AccountabilIT has an abundance of Office 365 experience and excels in working with clients that have complex migrations including multiple domains. Our process ensures all tenants are created and evaluates current and desired states of applications, mail and security. We offer O365 management that includes administrative support for Exchange (user creation and user termination scripting assistance, distribution list group creation and maintenance, etc.). Our management also support AD Azure Connect, MDM framework validation and eDiscovery compliance center assistance. If you already made an O365 investment but aren’t taking full advantage of the technology, AccountabilIT can take a deep dive into the deployment to evaluate current performance and help synchronize O365 functionality with our best learned practices.

Identity Simplified

Identity management has always been an overwhelming burden. Now, AccountabilIT delivers a simplified approach to identity management and single sign-on within the Microsoft cloud.

Through this Modern Workplace offering, organizations can confidently extend Active Directory to Azure, maintain the single sign-on experience and eliminate complex identity infrastructure.

Secure device identity and lifecycle management are now easier on the back-end while not sacrificing the user’s ease or experience.

Exchange Online/Hybrid

Exchange Online is Microsoft’s hosted email for businesses, and is the industry-leading cloud messaging solution adopted by small businesses and fortune 500 companies. Microsoft Exchange Online provides the benefits of a cloud-based email service with the robust capabilities of an on-premisess server deployment. AccountabilIT can help your business use this platform seamlessly through multiple integration options, including configuration of single sign-on using local Active Directory and Hybrid Exchange architecture and deployment. These solutions allow companies with on-premisess Exchange deployments to begin their journey to Exchange Online with low risk, enabling migrations to proceed at whatever speed the business can support.

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