Today’s business owners, managers, and IT employees are more concerned with data and servers than ever before. Data loss— mainly the loss of client data— is extremely costly. Plenty of businesses can’t bounce back from such an event. Taking proper care of software and hardware certainly helps block digital threats yet those threats will always exist. Every business needs and deserves a reliable solution for data backup, disaster recovery efforts, and maintaining business continuity. Our managed IT services team in Denver is here to help.

A Closer Look at Data Loss Events

A survey conducted a couple years ago by Databarracks shows nearly one-quarter of all data loss events were induced by human error. A mere 16 percent of data loss events can be attributed to hardware failure. It is quite ironic and alarming to know an employee who is unfamiliar with computers and toying around with the system or relying on a simple password for access, such as “abc123,” can lead to a digital security crisis. Such a scenario is just as likely as an online attack launched by a group of evil hackers. This is precisely why data backup is necessary.

Some businesses and IT crews will make mistakes like relying on a generic, average backup and failing to monitor/manage it. Backing up data to a network share is also problematic, especially if it is Windows-based. Backing up data to an external hard drive that is directly attached on the server is another common mistake as it can be compromised by ransomware or a hacker. Ideally, there will be another server onsite, so the business can build segments of an environment in a reasonable amount of time. This approach really does have the potential to save the infrastructure.

Server Strategies

Ideally, your business will store client data on a second server that is located off-site, nowhere near your main server. This second server guards against on-site risks like ransomware, hardware failure, employee mistakes and so on. Furthermore, another server makes it possible to spin the entire environments or parts of it without delay. The off-site server won’t be accessed often yet it is important just in case some sort of catastrophic event like a fire occurs.

Data Loss Might be the Worst-case Scenario

Managed IT services providers in Denver (like us at AccountabilIT), executives, and just about everyone else who has knowledge of today’s tech will testify the prospect of a server failure or compromised data is a nightmare to think about. If data is necessary for selling or engaging current or prospective clients, even a brief interruption will be a major issue. The best line of defense is a backup strategy that restores data regardless of how it was altered to start with.

The Merits of a Proactive Approach to Data Backup

It is quite a shame most small and medium businesses do not take data backup seriously until there is a major server incident. This is a flawed approach to data security. Reactive data backup puts the business at a major disadvantage and does not prove effective in recovering lost data. It is better to be proactive with comprehensive data backup protocols and infrastructure to prevent data loss.

AccountabilIT is on Your Side

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