With the rise of the cloud, more and more business owners are considering outsourcing their IT needs to our reliable managed IT services experts in Denver. If you’re still not familiar with the cloud and the benefits it can bring to your business, this article is for you.

Who Needs Cloud Computing Services?

Some business owners assume that cloud computing is only reserved for large companies. On the contrary, cloud computing is designed for businesses of all sizes. This means that small, medium and large businesses need to consider investing in cloud computing services. Granted, large companies have the resources needed to build their own in-house data centers. They can hire top-notch IT professionals to man their systems and, in case of an outage, these experts can easily restore the system. However, this is not advisable. Backing up your data in-house can be detrimental, especially if an attack happens and your whole company is compromised. That is why large companies are also encouraged to consider cloud computing services that we offered at AccountabilIT, your trusted managed IT services provider in Denver.

Small and medium companies may not have the deep pockets needed to finance the building of a data center— this is where we comes in. As a managed services provider, we will relieve you of the stress and pressure of having to back up your own data. We will create a data backup system on the servers or in the cloud and use these to restore your data in case of any attack or loss of data in your firm.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has many benefits, including:

Fresh software

Cloud computing allows firms to receive software updates and patches as soon as they are released. This is important because it can potentially increase the productivity of your employees by ensuring that they get access to tools as soon as they have been released.

Flexible costs

The cost for cloud computing can vary depending on the needs of your firm. For example, you can ask for more capacity during your peak times or seasons and then de-provision the capacity when you no longer need it. This will enable you to vary the cost you incur for server and infrastructure.

Ability to do more with less

You will realize that cloud computing will negate the need of having an in-house data center. This will, in turn, reduce the number of servers, number of staff, and the software cost you incur without negatively impacting on the efficiency and capabilities of your IT.

Improved mobility

Mobility means that you and your staff can access applications and data from the cloud no matter where they are in the world. This can easily facilitate telecommuting, allowing your employees to work from home via computers, tablets, or smartphones. If you have your employees visiting customers or working out in the field, then they can easily access applications and data from the cloud.

To fully understand the benefits of the cloud, you can contact us at AccountabilIT. Our managed IT services team in Denver is always ready to help businesses with their IT-related needs.