IT is now changing the character of businesses throughout the region. Several key innovations have totally shifted the costs of tech for businesses, allowing them to diversify, scale outwards, and grow profitably. One of the most impacting innovations of the 21st century is cloud computing, and it has begun to hit its stride! As a managed IT services provider in Denver, we highly recommend cloud computing for your business.

With cloud computing, combined servers maximize computational power and storage, allowing for the same operational capacity of an internal network to be outsourced for a low monthly fee. Probably, the primary consideration that stops you from embracing the cloud is security, and that is understandable. However, it is a concern that may be ill-conceived. Why? Take a moment to consider these:

  • Air-tight security as a core prerogative
  • Hybrid solutions mitigate special circumstance
  • Increased redundancy
  • BDR/DRaaS

Airtight Security as a Core Prerogative

If your business involves providing something like automobile parts, there are standards which you must uphold for safety reasons. This becomes a core prerogative of your business. With cloud provision, the same dynamic is at play. Not only for reasons of competitiveness and profitability does security surfeit cloud provision, but also, there are legal issues to consider.

You don’t have to worry about that, we can help. As a managed IT services provider in Denver, we provide cloud computing solutions to a diverse clientele. We can help you prevent threats characterizing the marketplace and how to fortify your business against them. You really need to remain cutting-edge for security because innovations predicate new vulnerabilities that can be utilized by cybercriminals.

Hybrid Solutions Mitigate Special Circumstance

Cloud computing does not only come in shared public options. There are private options available as well where the business in question has only its information on a family of servers. There are hybrid options that combine both, allowing non-vital data to be processed on the public cloud, while vital information is secured on a hybrid installation. For larger companies, a corporate cloud can even be installed on-premisess, ultimately allowing a national enterprise to function with one area of computational provision. This reduces operational costs. Attaining cloud solutions for your business can be done in a way that matches the uniqueness of your operations in most cases. This allows you to have a hand in ensuring the most security measures are taken with your information.

Increased Redundancy and BDR/DRaaS

Cloud computing can also back up your business’s information continuously. You can set regular automated backups at intervals of your choice, if it is better for your operation. Also, cloud computing provides something called “database mirroring”. This is what it sounds like: essentially, your information is mirrored such that in the event of a crash, you can recover more quickly. Backup and Data Recovery (BDR) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) increase cloud computing security substantially in this regard.

At AccountabilIT, Inc., we can help you upgrade to the cloud and help you attain the best solution for your business. For many, cloud security is better than what can be affordably done internally. Contact us for more information about cloud security solutions and our managed IT services in Denver.