Businesses in all sorts of sectors have taken advantage of the cloud. However, the financial services industry has been a bit slow to adopt the cloud. This hesitance is attributed to the fact that the financial industry involves highly sensitive transactions. Most executives at financial services companies are cold to the idea of giving control of such data to a third-party. However, this does not mean every financial services provider should remain off the cloud. Our managed IT services group in Denver can help you take full advantage of the cloud without jeopardizing your information.

Coverage for Security and Compliance

Financial services companies must stay on top of security and compliance. These businesses are subjected to strict regulations that detail how such data is sorted, retrieved and guarded. If a digital attack or a government audit occurs, ample protections must be in place to prevent chaos, disruptions and mounting costs.

Cloud providers should be willing to alleviate compliance and security concerns. This is accomplished with a rigid adherence to nuanced regulatory requirements as well as best practices for cybersecurity. The cloud gets a bad rap for allegedly being susceptible to digital attacks. However, the cloud does not have inherent vulnerabilities if the vendor adheres to the latest trends and makes use of intricate security measures. So, don’t ally with a vendor unless they are willing to study your company’s idiosyncratic requirements, needs, and desires for cloud use and respond appropriately.

Redundancy in the Event of Failure

Downtime is incredibly damaging to financial services businesses. In fact, extensive downtime has the potential to lead to the business’s closure. All it takes is one hour of downtime to create a six-figure loss. It does not matter if you work for an investment group, a bank or any other financial company. A six-figure loss has the potential to shut your doors or lead to layoffs.

Ally with a cloud company that provides business continuity services during disasters and other crises, so clients can move over to additional systems without interruption. This redundancy provided through the cloud is essential to the modern interconnected world. When in doubt, opt for a cloud provider that emphasizes redundancy and you will sleep that much easier at night.

Customized Service

The cream of the crop is willing to custom-tailor cloud solutions for each nuanced client’s idiosyncratic needs and aims. Our managed IT services crew in Denver is especially proud of our customized services. The cloud can be used for all sorts of different purposes, ranging from asset placement to reducing operational costs, infrastructure minimization and beyond.

This is the perfect way for your financial services business to decrease reliance on costly hardware as well as data centers that are managed internally. Just be sure to ally with a cloud provider willing to customize service according to your organization’s unique goals, needs, and other nuanced criteria.

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