Small and medium-sized businesses, also known as SMBs, receive their fair share of sales calls from sales agents pushing what is alleged to be the latest tech trend, money-saving product or service, and other supposedly revolutionary solutions for business. You have likely heard about managed IT services in Denver at one point or another.

Managed services are best defined as the outsourcing of IT services to clients at predictable costs. The client knows exactly what types of services will be provided for IT and other tech needs and how much they will cost.

How MSPs Work

Managed service providers (MSPs) make use of remote monitoring and management tools to monitor the health and performance of an IT infrastructure. The performance of this system is essential to business operations. MSPs typically have ’round-the-clock Network Operations Centers (NOCs) that serve as the home base or mission control center. If monitoring alerts of issues with the servers, software, hardware or other devices, a response will be provided right away to remedy the issue.

NOC also conducts regular maintenance like system backups and processes for disaster recovery and business continuity. NOC maintenance includes automated tasks, such as the cleaning of temporary files. Maintenance even applies security patches virus and malware protection as necessary.

Our managed IT services experts in Denver can provide access to a help desk that serves customers, employees and other relevant parties who need assistance with their computer, network, etc. Such proactive IT maintenance is essential for network stabilization.

Are Managed Services Superior to Other Means of Managing IT?

In general, the average company head is unsure as to how much the organization’s IT management really costs each year. One thing is certain: hiring and retaining IT talent is costly. These professionals demand lofty salaries, benefits, and other perks. There is also a risk these employees will leave for a higher paying position with a competitor.

There is no such risk when you rely on an MSP like us at AccountabilIT. With our help, you can keep your IT costs under control and never have to pay for IT employee healthcare benefits/vacation. You will enjoy ’round-the-clock support. Furthermore, you will know exactly what your IT costs will be. It means you can budget with absolute certainty.

Perhaps the best reason to rely on us is the proactive approach to IT. This means that we won’t wait until something goes wrong to get to work. Rather, we will make the effort to highlight problem areas as they arise and remedy them before they unravel into egregiously expensive projects.


Whether you need managed IT services in Denver, assistance with threat management, backup & disaster recovery, digital security awareness training or general IT assistance, we can be your go-to source here at AccountabilIT. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.