Cybercriminals use technical expertise to exploit computer systems and take advantage of vulnerable data. However, there is a different kind of cybercriminal who uses psychology and trick people into handing over access to important information. Social engineering is the term that defines this massive spectrum of harmful activity that uses trust to exploit companies. People use social engineering because criminals believe it is easier to exploit a human’s natural inclination to trust than it is to hack someone’s software. Knowing who and what to trust is key to security. Our managed IT services team in Denver can prevent social engineering attacks so you can keep your confidential information safe.

Take Assessments of What Your Employees Understand and Monitor Improvement

The first step in preventing social engineering attacks is understanding what your company knows. Most people know about computer hackers and how to prevent them, but this is a different enemy. Assess what your company knows and create a strategy that strengthens your weaknesses. These weaknesses can be dangerous for your security. Periodically, you should assess employee knowledge on the threat so you can understand what you need to do to prevent attacks.

Assist Employees to Understand Why Security Discretion is Crucial

As a Managed IT services expert in Denver, we believe it is paramount to educate your employees on the importance of confidential company information. Security Awareness Training can go along way in this regard. They must realize that it is absolutely crucial that all information must be kept within the company. The only time information can be shared with a non-company associate is with the confirmed approval of business leaders and superiors. Any breach of this rule should be grounds for termination of employment.

Create Workshops and Training Programs

We recommend our clients hold workshops and/or conduct online training sessions that help employees to understand and recognize risky behaviors that may be evidence of a potential social engineering attack. A survey shows that new employees are at the highest possibility of being victim to an attack. Therefore, whenever you hire a new employee, it is paramount that you get them acquainted with this potential threat and train them how to deal with it. Also, with current employees, it would be beneficial to hold workshops to ensure that they are updated on the latest threats and how to handle them independently. Using simulated threats and interactive training may be the best approach to prepare your employees. You can’t put a price on your security— it holds all that you have! So, invest in the knowledge on how to deal with this threat.

It is important that you should create a work culture that puts security as a top priority. Creating ongoing cybersecurity training and education is your best bet in preventing a social engineering attack. If you want to learn more about how to prevent social engineering attacks, as a trusted managed IT services provider in Denver, we can help you. Contact us now at AccountabilIT, Inc. for more details.