Data protection is a crucial service offered by our IT support company in Denver. It is important to back up your data to the cloud for easier retrieval and business continuity in case of a disaster. Once you have decided to switch to the cloud, then you must know which cloud service will best suit your data protection. Here are four areas to consider:

Your Current Backup Strategy/Software

If you already have some existing data backup means, then what you now need is something that will add to the survivability of your data. For companies that are looking to extend data storage, we recommend the cloud as the most convenient data storage. We recommend deduplication storage platforms for more economical storage capacity. You can never go wrong with the cloud.

Do You Want to Switch or Just Upgrade Your Current Storage?

You may want to undergo the evolutionary process by simply doing an upgrade. This means that you add cloud storage tour already existing backup strategy. On the other hand, if you want to replace everything, then this is revolutionary.

You can opt for turnkey services where you can contact our IT support team in Denver to add to what you have in terms of backup. We can update your current backup software and help you manage it. For better data backup and recovery, we recommend that hire experts for the cloud services.

The Mode of Recovery

When choosing cloud services, you must consider whether you would like to recover on the cloud or on your on-premisess server. The location of recovery largely depends on the mode in which it was saved to the cloud. If the data was transformed during storage, it might be harder to retransform it over the cloud. However, we can retain your data untransformed, making it easier to leverage it right in the cloud.

Moving Production Systems to the Cloud

Enterprise data protection remains remain the same if you move production systems to the cloud. You have to back up virtual machines in a cloud environment the same way you would back up to physical VMs. A backup service works the same on hosted VMs and virtual onsite servers. This means that you will have similar cloud options on hosted VMs and on-premisess servers.

Regardless of which backup solutions you have instituted at your workplace, you still need cloud services to polish up everything. AccountabilIT, Inc. is an IT support company in Denver that offers cloud technology, among many other IT services. Contact us now and let our professional help you make smart choices when it comes to data backup in the cloud.