Have you ever lost a day’s work because your computer lost power at just the right moment? Or have you had a hard drive bite the dust, taking your data, documents, and programs with it? These types of incidents have happened to almost everyone at some point. As an IT support provider in Denver, to avoid these problems in the future, we advise you to use an online backup service.

For some people, the idea of sending data to the cloud makes them uneasy. The cloud brings up a picture of a nebulous ball of fluff floating out in cyberspace. The reality of the cloud is a bit different. It is actually made from real servers with real hard drives sitting in real data centers, run by real IT experts and protected by real cybersecurity software and hardware.

Using an online backup service to protect your data brings several benefits. Here are the top seven:

1. You Won’t Run Out of Data Storage

Online backups can grow as your needs grow. This lessens the need to purchase new hardware in the future.

2. You Have a Choice of Which Company to Use

There is a multitude of online backup services out there. As an IT support provider in Denver, we can help you find the right fit for your needs.

3. You Can Have Your Backups Done Automatically

You won’t have to remind yourself to run your backup program before you leave at night.

4. You Can Have Your Backups Scheduled at the Times Best for You

You can choose intermittent backups taken in the background throughout the day, large backups done at night, or a combination of both.

5. You Can Access Your Files from Just About Anywhere

If you have internet access, you can retrieve your data. This works if you are on vacation or recovering from a major disaster.

6. You Are Protected in Case of a Disaster

Natural and man-made disasters can happen at any time. With online backups, you don’t have to worry about your data being lost if the worst type of disaster comes.

7. You Can Rest Easy Knowing Your Data Backups Have Redundancy

Online backup services save your data in, at least, two different locations. This ensures that if a disaster hits one of their data centers, your data is unaffected.

Your company depends on your data. Protecting that information is vital to your company’s long-term survival. Using an online backup service ensures that your data is available when you need it no matter what happens. At AccountabilIT, our IT support team in Denver can help you set up your online backups. Contact us now!