Growing businesses are realizing the urgency and importance of investing in data security. Data breaches are costly; they undermine the integrity of your business and can even end up in lawsuits, depending on the severity. Firewalls, antivirus programs, and proactive monitoring are important components of a cybersecurity policy. Our IT support team in Denver includes all these services and more. Many businesses forget that preventing data breaches is a team effort and neglect the role played by the rest of the team, in addition to the IT division.

Security Risks from the End User

Hackers use multipronged strategies to gain access to the confidential and priority information that your business has. They can use malware such as the infamous ransomware. They can send a phishing email that looks legitimate to request information. Despite your high-level security systems, they can still gain access to your business when one of your employees opens the doorway for them.

Some of the common behaviors that end users are guilty of, whether unknowingly or carelessly, include divulging confidential information in response to suspicious requests, as well as opening links and downloading attachments from unknown sources. Hackers are growing more and more crafty. Without the necessary knowledge and exposure, someone on your team could easily be their next target, leading to a compromise of your data security. That’s where security awareness training comes in.

Benefits of End User Security Training

By now, you probably realize that every member of your team, who has access to your network and company data, needs to be part of your security efforts. Investing in company-wide training is a worthwhile investment. As an expert in providing IT support in Denver, we offer online and onsite training.

Training programs expose employees to the methods frequently used by hackers and scammers. Our training programs are highly practical and based on current trends in cybersecurity. The training can be completed in a short space of time but is packed with valuable information. Afterward, you can expect your team to be more empowered when it comes to identifying suspicious communications and requests as well as seeking assistance and verification when unsure.

If you’re looking for IT support in Denver, you need a company with the experience and expertise. At AccountabilIT, Inc., we offer businesses a range of IT solutions and training programs to improve and protect their operations. Contact us to learn more about our services.