The vast majority of small to midsize businesses (SMBS) are unable to afford a Chief Information Officer (CIO), but they can afford a virtual CIO (vCIO) provided by an IT support company in Denver. Choosing to use a vCIO offers immense benefits that can set your company apart from the competition through the use of the newest technology. If you’re interested in learning more, here are a few ways that a managed service provider (MSP) can benefit your business with the help of a vCIO:

Improve Productivity

Businesses are always looking for different ways to boost productivity, and a vIO can help you improve any areas of weakness, which can have a significant effect on the productivity of each employee. The use of a vCIO can also help you reduce expenses, which can allow your company to invest in technology that improves performance and has a positive impact on the whole organization.

Predictable Budget

Another advantage of using a vCIO provided by an IT support company in Denver is that it allows you to create a predictable budget for IT expenses. Instead of worrying about hidden fees, your organization will pay a monthly fee that will always remain the same price. The use of the break-fix model is unpredictable, as costs can be low one month and skyrocket the next due to hardware failure. Fortunately, the use of managed services eliminates any uncertainty and is an affordable option for small to midsize businesses.

Increase Security

New cyber threats are being created on a daily basis, and it’s essential that your company receive the highest form of protection against these ever-evolving threats. Fortunately, the use of a vCIO can significantly increase security, as the IT team can monitor your business around the clock and identify any potential threats before they cause widespread problems. Besides around the clock monitoring, your company will also receive frequent security updates to ensure your business has the ultimate protection against these cyber threats. However, if you ever experience any data loss, you can quickly restore it through the use of disaster recovery services. Disaster recovery services take advantage of cloud technology, which is an automated process that allows you to upload your data each day as an emergency backup. A vCIO can ensure that everything is being uploaded correctly and that a business continuity strategy is in place in the event of a disaster or mass data loss.

An IT support company in Denver offers immense benefits, which includes having access to a vCIO. This vCIO team is comprised of IT experts that can help your organization reach its full potential, while also experiencing state-of-the-art technology. AccountabilIT is an MSP that offers a flexible and proactive approach to IT services. We’ll create a personalized IT plan designed to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of your company. Our team is always ready to provide support and will be happy answer any questions. If you’re interested in using an IT provider, feel free to contact us and we can discuss the many advantages of an IT support company in today’s environment.