Data security is one aspect of your business that you should never ignore. Some business owners may be optimistic that they will not face a data breach, but the truth is, it is an unrealistic expectation. Data breaches have occurred to many companies even leading to businesses closing down. So, it is your duty to ensure that your clients’ and employees’ sensitive and confidential information is protected. Our IT support experts in Denver can help you ensure that your company’s crucial information is well protected.

Best Practices for Data Security

You must take proactive measures when it comes to data security. The following are some proactive measures that you can enforce:

1. Employee Training

Your employees play a big role when it comes to data security. They are the people on the grounds always handling your data. They are always on the network, and thus, they are easily vulnerable to attacks. The best thing to do is to give them some form of training concerning data security. Let them understand your security policy. Initiate them into adopting the best security practices. Teach them about phishing attacks and tell them how to identify one.

We recommend that you take them through lessons on how to identify an email containing ransomware. Never click on email attachments without verifying it first, and to never give out confidential information to someone they do not know. Once your employees are fully trained and aware of the security measures, then you rest assured that one part of your data security is covered.

2. Password Management Policies

Passwords are the major proof that it is you and not someone else logging in. Make it a habit to create strong passwords that include letters, numbers, symbols and a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters. You can also use a passphrase, which is a sentence that acts as the password. Apart from these two, we recommend that you go further in securing your data by using a two-factor authentication. This one offers another set of credentials, which you receive on your mobile device before giving access to your data. We offer this service, among other IT support services in Denver.

3. Use of UTM

Also known as Unified Threat Management, a UTM is very crucial when it comes to data protection. It includes antivirus solutions, enterprise-level firewall, spam blocker, and a content filter to block risky websites. To fully protect your business in terms of security, a UTM is the best solution to adopt. Apart from the UTM features, you will also take a very short duration in countering any form of threat, and you can even stop it before it causes irreversible damage.

With data breaches becoming so rampant, we advise you to be on the safer side. Take the necessary measures, especially the ones mentioned above to safeguard your business. At AccountabilIT, Inc., we offer many IT support services in Denver, data security being one of them. We believe that your data is essential for the continuity of your business operations. Thus, we take the extra step of ensuring it is safe from malicious people or any other unauthorized entry. Contact us today and let us help keep your data safe.