While cloud storage is a valuable business tool for SMBs and large businesses, they need to partner with IT support providers in Denver to leverage its full potential. Cloud storage is a critical approach to dealing with the challenge of storing and managing large volumes of data.

Although it is possible for you to run cloud storage in-house, you still need IT experts to fulfill the need for flexibility to scale up and down resources when needed. It also comes with a low risk, along with extensive and redundant network access. You need IT experts that can give you industry-standard tools that would cost you hefty upfront costs to deploy.

Here are the top reasons why cloud storage is a must-have technology for your business:


Our IT support company in Denver offers cloud storage as the hallmark of data security. The unique data protection features of cloud storage redundancy, end-to-end encryption, and password management make it a superior alternative to in-house data storage. Thus, cloud storage is effective in preventing data loss from mechanical failure, human errors, and malicious viruses. Besides, natural disasters can wipe out your in-house data storage equipment and shut down your operations indefinitely.

Cloud storage is a fail-safe method to protect data and avoid disruptions, as servers are distributed to multiple data centers to provide redundancy in the event of a disaster. With redundant copies of your data in various locations, your operations will go on as usual if one of the data centers is affected by a disaster.

Improved Flexibility

The modern workplace requires flexibility for sharing and transferring multimedia files and heavy documents, which are above email size limits. Cloud storage offers you an efficient means of storing, copying and sharing files in a synchronized manner. It allows your employees to access these files remotely with varying permissions, such as viewing, editing and commenting. As a result, team members can cooperate on work projects from home or on business trips in order to meet critical deadlines.

Streamline Your IT Department

Deploying new software and hardware components to power business processes tasks your IT department with more work, which eventually strains their efficiency. You might be forced to add more employees to offset this challenge. Cloud storage eliminates this challenge by taking away major in-house IT responsibilities to lower the workload for your IT staff.

Lower Upfront Infrastructure Investments

Outsourcing your data storage needs to an IT support company eliminates the cost of setting up in-house data centers and maintaining them. By relying on the infrastructure, security and controlled environments of cloud storage services, you save on capital expenditures and free up finances to expand your business.

Data Backup

Up-to-date data storage is critical for business continuity. A breakdown of your data storage infrastructure can cause catastrophic disruptions. Cloud-based storage offers regular and automated data backups to prevent the loss of data due to server mishaps or the inconsistency of updating each file individually.

Cloud storage services are a scalable option you can tap into to meet your storage needs with significant cost savings. At AccountabilIT, Inc., we offer tailor-made IT support services in Denver that can help your business leverage the power of the cloud. Contact us now for more information.