As IT keeps advancing, so does data storage. Everything has been virtualized and this includes the physical storage media capacity in relation to the effectiveness of its data services delivery. A megabyte of effective storage does not necessarily mean real storage. Our IT support team in Denver will use capacity optimizing features such as compression, thin provisioning, and data deduplication to offer effective storage and reduce costs. After all, what matters is the speed, not whether the system is shared, virtual, or compacted.

Comparing Duped and Deduped

Deduping or compressing corporate data, such as corporate emails, virtual machine images, and customer behavior logs, will deflate it significantly. The dedupe ratio is what matters and not the size of the actual solid-state drives. The raw data is inflated with many copies and should be kept in an optimal way. Either way, the focus should be the reduction ratio, not the numbers.

Storage Capacities Keep Growing

As data keeps growing, so does the storage needed to deploy and manage it. From terabytes and petabytes, now we have exabytes in the multi-tenant clouds. We believe that raw data is not about numbers anymore. Data storage should be done by balancing the cost of the storage mode and its value.

One-Stop Storage

We now offer high capacity storage mechanisms with better dedupe, compression, combined with excess CPU bandwidth. With this, you can expect an increase in the number of terabytes that can be managed at once.

You can dedupe and compress frontline storage. You can even add post-processing dedupe to squish storage offline to avoid dragging the performance.

Application-Aware Storage is What You Do with It

Application-aware not only stores more in terms of bits, but it also delivers tangible value to the clients. Not only do our IT support team in Denver increases storage capacities, but we also provide advanced data services at a business-focused level. This helps the clients to maximize their usage of the greater data volumes.

How Much Physical Storage for a Megabyte of Data?

Today, we cannot rely on the measure of raw capacity to mean big storage. It is not about the amount of data that you store, but what value you obtain from it. It is time that the entire perspective changed from measuring storage by bytes to the value of the stored data to the business.

Application-aware storage is becoming critical to businesses, and it would be beneficial to adapt quickly. At AccountabilIT, we offer application-aware services and other IT support services in Denver. Contact us today for more practical storage solutions for your business.