The Multi-Cloud Approach

If you are unfamiliar with a multi-cloud approach, it’s helpful to imagine the hybrid cloud but through multiple providers. Instead of combining an onsite private “cloud” with a public cloud option, as orchestrated by a single provider, the multi-cloud approach invites users to utilize multiple clouds from multiple providers for multiple reasons. Our IT support experts in Denver can help you find the cloud that fits your business.

The Right Cloud for the Right Job

Some need to build software using the cloud, some only require cloud utility as a backup, and in either scenario, there could be a crossover. For example, say your company is involved in software development. If you have IT support in Denver that doesn’t provide multiple-cloud options, you’ll be keeping your information on the same cloud you build your software on. This is like using a motorhome to buy groceries and check the mail. Sure, you can, but you spend so much extra money on gas, wear-and-tear, and time! Meanwhile, if you’ve got a motorhome and a car, you can take the recreational vehicle out for camping and extended forays into the unknown while using the car for quick trips or errands as necessary. This is, in a nutshell, the same kind of concept as multiple cloud support.

Multiple Areas of Protection

BDR (Backup and Data Recovery) may be facilitated through one cloud, while simulated environments, networks, software development, and other virtual applications are accomplished on the other cloud. This way you maximize your cloud utility and minimize unnecessary costs involved in the process.

There is, additionally, the advantage of multiple backup protection. If you only have one cloud, if something happens to that network on a large scale, you could find your lost data and retrieve it. This is very unlikely. But in the world of technology, you can’t be too careful. Some of the biggest businesses on the west coast were seriously hampered by a 2016 DDoS attack. No one is immune to cybercriminal damages. The best you can do is fortify yourself against the predictable ones. Multiple cloud models are a great way to do this.

Adopting A Multiple-Cloud Model

At Xllingshot, as an IT support provider in Denver, we can help you comprehensively safeguard your data while maximizing your cloud utility. Contact us now for multiple cloud support, as well as a suite of other professional technology solutions.