Our IT support in Denver now offers disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) to help businesses prevent data loss caused by both human errors and natural disasters. Recent industry reports on cases of data loss indicate that businesses are facing increased incidences of this occurring.

To protect your business from catastrophic data loss, it is essential for you to have DRaaS as part of your business continuity plan.

Implementing a business continuity and disaster recovery plan following a disaster ensures that your business resumes its operations in the shortest time possible and reduces downtime.

For both large and small businesses, DRaaS is a must-have IT strategy for the following reasons:

Lower IT Costs on Disaster Recovery

When a disaster strikes, your business must be in a position to restore your data and IT systems in order to sustain IT operations. Without a disaster recovery plan, your recovery efforts will be costly and slow. Besides, if you are unprepared for a disaster, building a secondary disaster recovery site will force you to close operations.

With DRaaS, we can help you simplify business recovery. Our DRaaS solutions can be deployed within hours to help you resume operations immediately.

A Comprehensive Business Recovery Solution

As an IT support provider in Denver, we are skilled and experienced in planning, managing and deploying a DR site, and we offer fail-safe protection for your IT assets. While you can build an in-house disaster recovery plan, our DRaaS solution is a more affordable and practical solution because we can respond to demand and scale to cover all of your recovery needs.

Besides, our DRaaS solutions are built on advanced technologies that protect all of your physical and virtual servers 24×7 all year round. We also offer scalable cloud computing and hypervisor solutions to enable the protection of one-to-many various server workloads.

Improved Interoperability

DRaaS solutions are compatible with different IT systems with the ability to protect your servers across various IT environments and back up data across disparate storage platforms. Our DRaaS solutions include hardware and are independent and ideal for realizing interoperability between your different IT systems.

Less Downtime

The chief purpose of DRaaS solutions is to help your business reduce downtime by protecting critical data that supports your business operations. Data loss causes loss of productivity and revenue. With a DRaaS solution, you can run your business operations from backups of virtual servers and continue your day-to-day operations while we restore your primary servers.

Choosing our DRaaS solutions for your business continuity planning saves you time and revenue by allowing you to continue with your operations in the wake of a disaster.

Better Functionality

While the idea of using data backup for disaster recovery may work in some cases, a DRaaS solution provides better functionality with the ability to run applications remotely from cloud-based applications. DRaaS provides offsite infrastructure and backups on multiple virtual servers from which you can run your applications without waiting for data to be restored on your onsite servers.

At AccountabilIT Inc., we offer state-of-the-art DRaaS solutions as part of our IT support services in Denver. Partnering with us guarantees you unbeatable IT support in business continuity planning and disaster recovery. Contact us now to learn more about our IT services.