With all the login credentials employees have to remember, have you ever wondered why some companies choose to hand over their password management to a provider of IT support in Denver? It gets confusing when employees need to log in to different devices, emails, and solutions, so help is more than welcome.

As an IT support provider in Denver, we offer alternatives to memorizing multiple username-and-password combinations. An example of which is single sign-on (SSO). As the name suggests, SSO lets users log in to various accounts, systems, and other resources with only one set of login credentials. An authentication service verifies the supplied username and password, then gives users access to the applications for which they’ve been granted rights. As long as the session is active, users can switch applications without having to log in again and again.

The most obvious benefit of SSO is convenience. Password policies are often complex (e.g., must have alphanumeric and special characters, be at least eight characters long, be replaced every month, etc.), so it takes extra effort for employees to keep track of their passwords. You can go for a simple password policy, but it’s not secure.

It also takes time to log in to every single resource, even more so when employees forget their passwords and have to perform the recovery procedure.

There’s no question that employees benefit a lot from SSO, but companies get much out of it, too. SSO offers fortified security by logging all sessions, including every activity within. This allows administrators to monitor logs so that any unauthorized action can be spotted easily. Not only is security improved, but accountability and transparency, as well. Employees will be more careful with what they do when using work-related applications because they know any misstep can be traced back to them in no time.

Another thing SSO does for security is restricting the creation of user accounts. Employees can’t just make an account to access an application; a system administrator should authorize their login credentials first, then link those credentials to the necessary applications. Thus, SSO delivers two layers of security with just one step.

Are you interested in SSO? If you are, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at AccountabilIT. As one of the top providers of IT support in Denver, we can help you with SSO and your other IT needs.