Workplace collaboration has never been more important. The world has become increasingly-interconnected— thanks to the rise of the web and the spread of global capitalism. Increases in internet connection speeds and the ubiquity of cloud computing have provided workers with important tools that help team members collaborate in a highly effective manner. These are the tools your team needs to be thoroughly engaged in their work and united in a cohesive manner. Our IT support team in Denver is here to ensure your team takes full advantage of these collaboration tools.

The Importance of Collaboration

Input from co-workers makes work that much easier. The quickest way to learn something is to ask someone who knows. Collaboration with others across various departments and offices combines skill sets and knowledge to ultimately elevate the business to new heights. Encourage employee collaboration and your workforce will prove much happier.

Collaboration also creates a communal feeling in the workplace. Some employees who are provided with the opportunity to collaborate end up achieving more than they thought possible. Leaning on co-workers for input and support really can make the seemingly impossible possible.

The Rise of Remote Workers

Remote working has never been more popular. As each day passes, more employees are provided with the opportunity to work from home or another remote location. Researchers at Intel and Dell found over one-half of all worldwide employees state they are more productive working from home. These respondents also stated they felt less stressed when working outside of the traditional office.

Collaboration Through Video Conferencing

Video conferencing was certainly popular when it first hit the scene. The technology tailed off a bit and has recently experienced a resurgence. Video conferencing helps small and large organizations alike. This is a powerful collaboration tool used for everything from webinars to meetings, managing video content and beyond. This tool really does facilitate workloads and reduces costs.

There’s no sense spending thousands of dollars on business trips when video conferences will suffice from remote locations. Your employees will be able to work and interact with the appropriate parties with video conferencing. The end result is a considerable saving of money and time.

Online Team Workspaces

Web-based team workspaces allow for online work-related conversations, document sharing, and collaboration. This collaboration can be performed on any type of web-connected device. If you are struggling to set up or master an online workplace for your team, do not hesitate to reach out to our IT support crew in Denver for assistance.

Collaboration Through Document Sharing

Thanks to document sharing, there is no need to move hard copy or email versions of documents around for editing. Document and even entire projects can be stored in the cloud, so all authorized parties can access them with ease. Such cloud-based document sharing can occur at any point in time or physical location as long as there is web access. Remote collaboration has never been more important as employees work from all corners of the globe.

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