How Cloud Services Can Ensure You Make the Most of Your Investment

There are solid financial and operational reasons to be in the cloud. But once you embrace the cloud, where do you go from there?

How can you make sure you’re leveraging everything your cloud has to offer —  whether you’re on a public cloud platform, in a private cloud, or working with a hybrid cloud deployment model — so that you’re maximizing your cloud spend?

Cloud computing services help you realize the potential of the cloud for your business, so you can take full advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and mobility available to help you run and grow a modern and efficient business.

Here are six ways cloud services can help you get the most out of your cloud investment.

Mitigating risk with a plan

Risk comes with the new cloud territory, and working with a cloud services provider can ensure you mitigate that risk through proper planning. Integrating existing workloads and migrating legacy data and apps is complicated and can be expensive, but an experienced third party will be able to minimize issues with proven processes and tools.

Determining your cloud infrastructure

At AccountabilIT, one of the first things we do with our cloud-service customers is a thorough assessment to understand what your optimal cloud setup should be. This means that from day one, you are set up for success according to your specific business need, size, and budget. Our assessment takes into account everything from the people who will use the cloud to the data and apps that will be in the cloud.

Cloud re-architecting

Already in the cloud, but things are feeling messy and inefficient? A cloud services provider is well-versed in the latest best practices and can jump in to fix your existing infrastructure, map out your current state, uncover issues, identify opportunities, and put a plan in place to overcome gaps.

Cloud optimization

Cloud services can balance the correct allocation or resources with the right-sized infrastructure to ensure workload performance, costs, and compliance are all optimized for your particular business initiatives. Many businesses find they have excess capacity, which costs them money. Optimization reduces overall costs, as well as risks and downtime.

Managed services for the cloud

Your cloud services provider can monitor and manage system software, infrastructure configurations and service consumption on an ongoing basis. They can even help you minimize uncontrolled consumption, monitor spending, ensure compliance, and encourage accountability.

Training your team

Everyone in your organization who has access should know how to use the technology available to them. Cloud services can get your team leveled up with proper training, so that the transformative power of the cloud can really take effect and change the way your team members are able to do their work.

What’s Next?

Get all the benefits that the cloud has to offer with AccountabilIT’s customer-driven cloud services, especially for Azure. Our end-to-end services will help you maximize your investment and transform the way your business operates for the better. Contact us today.