All health care providers and their business associates are hot targets for cyber attacks regardless of size or industry!

At AccountabilIT we understand that technology advancements make information exchange among health care providers easier, flexible and more virtual. Which is wonderful when it comes to patient experience and for operational efficiencies, however, we also understand how quickly it can become complicated when viewed through the lens of compliance requirements. The result is a need for a full-time staff or service provider that is HIPAA

compliant and dedicated to ensuring your environment stays secure and compliant. This is where our Health Care Cybersecurity solution comes in. We solve your needs.

Our Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliant services help health care providers and business associates manage all things related to patient confidentiality. The method hackers are using are increasingly sophisticated and even harder to protect against without the necessary tools and expertise all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. We protect your systems and your data while maintaining HIPAA compliance standards. Most companies can identify and notify you of issues and vulnerabilities but we take it a step further and also have the ability and expertise to remediate those for you.

Our Clients Trust Us … And You Can Too. We currently have billions of dollars under our protection and we are ready to protect yours as well. Our company is small enough to provide you with a truly personal customer experience that is unmatched in the industry and large enough to provide you with the expertise that other companies simply can’t offer you.