Our managed IT services in Denver are often called upon to provide clients with disaster recovery (DR) solutions. As an IT provider, we can help provide your business a comprehensive solution that fortifies against many operational threats.

A Comprehensive DR Plan

A properly comprehensive plan demands you to cover key points of intrusion. Three points you should consider as you look at ways to incorporate cybercrime prevention into your DR plan include:

  • Identify what needs protection
  • Plan for known threats
  • Determining prescient recovery needs

Identify What Needs Protection

Start by identifying where protection is most important. You’ll likely have core operations, infrastructure, financials, and employee records which are more sensitive than some other data; such as internal infrastructure like HVAC control or the lights in your parking structure. Accordingly, you should have prioritized protection for more sensitive data, as opposed to those less essential to operations. Our managed IT services team in Denver can help you make proper determinations here.

Plan for Known Threats

Malware like adware, Trojan viruses, spyware, and ransomware can really damage operations. What’s more, such viruses are continuously evolving. If you’re not careful, you’re apt to be broadsided by such malware in a way that can seriously impact your bottom line. Our IT experts can help you continuously maintain security methods so you always have the latest, greatest available protection

Determining Prescient Recovery Needs

If a virus or ransomware infects your system, what you’ll need to do is isolate the inciting device to preserve the rest of the network, then reconfigure that device from an available backup. If a DDoS attack impacts operations, you’ll have a different containment strategy to consider. There are quite a few different threats out there that require a different kind of response, and internal techs may not be properly familiar or equipped to curtail some cybercriminal activity. We can help fortify your network against known threats and additionally outline protocols of response necessary for the most effective protection.

Secure Operations

At AccountabilIT, our managed IT services experts in Denver bring professionalism, diversity of experience, and cutting-edge tech to a variety of clients. We can help you defend your business against known and emerging cybercriminal elements, making your DR solution more comprehensive than it would likely be otherwise. Contact us now to determine where you need protection and to enact protective measures which will give you the greatest likelihood of full recovery from a cyber attack.