Large organizations undoubtedly have a significant advantage when it comes to digital security issues. Small to medium businesses tend to struggle in this realm of IT support in Denver that thwarts online threats before they can wreak havoc. A recent survey of 150 IT security employees at small and medium businesses shows a considerable drop in overarching confidence when it comes to digital security manners and supposedly effective security technologies.

Details About the IT Security Study

The IT security study referenced above was performed by security as a service specialist EiQ Networks. It shows slightly less than 90 percent of those surveyed state their organization has underfunded IT security efforts. This statistic is quite alarming. It is clear the lack of funding for digital security protection is putting networks and computers at an elevated risk for everything from spyware to ransomware, Trojan viruses, and beyond.

The survey results also show fewer than 15 percent of those questioned reported they are confident the technologies currently deployed have any potential to be successful in identifying and properly responding to cyberattacks. This is quite the contrast to the 27 percent who reported the same back in 2018. Furthermore, 56 percent of survey respondents state their organization is not adequately prepared to pinpoint cyberattacks and respond in the proper manner.

Exactly three-quarters of those surveyed state they employ zero IT support professionals in Denver for digital security efforts. When questioned about priorities, nearly three-quarters of those surveyed state they are worried about safeguarding client information. About two-thirds report the protection of personally identifiable identification is worrisome in its current state. Nearly 60 percent of respondents are worried about efforts to safeguard employee data.

Most Cyber Security Efforts Tend to be Underfunded and Understaffed

The survey results outlined above are quite telling. The unfortunate truth is small to medium size businesses throughout Denver and beyond are simply not carving out enough of their IT budget for cybersecurity. This is quite the surprising statement as there are serious risks posed every single day from digital threats like phishing, ransomware, zero-day attacks and so on. The lack of funding is made that much worse by the fact that plenty of small and medium businesses in the greater Denver area do not have adequate IT support.

IT staff members are necessary to monitor networks, identify threats and take prompt action. If such monitoring does not occur, the small to medium size business will prove that much more likely to lose revenue, intellectual property, client data and more. In the worst-case scenario, a business that underfunds its IT will lose clients to competitors. Consider a situation in which a massive data breach occurs, and client data or a business partner’s data is compromised. It might prove difficult for the Denver business in question to stay in good graces with that client or partner.

The bottom line is underfunding— and understaffing IT security efforts— will only come back to bite small and medium businesses in the long run. It is better to fund IT security as required and lean on our IT support experts in Denver for assistance every step of the way. At AccountabilIT, we provide full IT support, data security, network maintenance, virtual CIO services and more. Contact us today to learn more.