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Understanding Quantum Computing Impact on Cybersecurity


As a business leader, you’re always looking for ways to push the technology side of your company forward, and during your search, you’ve probably run into the concept of quantum computing. Despite sounding nebulous and futuristic to the unfamiliar ear, quantum computing holds real potential in a number of different fields, including medical research and artificial intelligence. But it also poses very real problems when it comes to cybersecurity. Here’s what you need to know. What Is Quantum Computing? In simplest terms, quantum computing is an area of computer science that uses principles from the field of quantum mechanics to solve problems that are too complex for standard computers. How are quantum computers able to do this? A classical [...]

Understanding Quantum Computing Impact on Cybersecurity2023-01-27T13:18:09-07:00

How Technology Can Help You Build a More Collaborative Culture


Remote work is here to stay for the foreseeable future, but collaboration is key to driving your business forward whether your employees are in-office or working from home. Here’s how you can start leveraging technology to build a culture of collaboration in your organization. What is a collaborative culture? How does it benefit your business? Collaboration happens in most, if not all companies, but not all companies have built a collaborative company culture. A collaborative culture means collaboration is an integral part of the company’s everyday work environment. Rather than occurring when initiated, like during meetings, collaboration actively happens daily. Centered on the idea that collaboration maximizes employees’ unique skill sets, a collaborative work culture encourages inclusion and free-thinking [...]

How Technology Can Help You Build a More Collaborative Culture2022-07-29T13:22:15-07:00

5 Digital Transformation Challenges—and How to Overcome Them


Even if your organization hasn't embarked on its digital transformation, you’ve likely heard the term and considered whether a transformation is the right next step. So what is it, exactly, and what can a digital transformation do for your business? A digital transformation usually refers to rethinking your approach to technology usage in the face of changing customer expectations or business objectives. For most businesses, this means implementing digital technologies across all aspects of the organization. There are many benefits to making this change. Some of the most notable benefits include using data-driven insights to provide better customer experiences and boost operational efficiency. But to experience those benefits, you’ll first need to face the challenges that come with overhauling [...]

5 Digital Transformation Challenges—and How to Overcome Them2022-07-29T13:26:18-07:00

Small Business Technology: Is It Leveling the Playing Field?


October 30, 2017 - New technologies come online every day. Small and mid-sized businesses can be position themselves well for the future by adopting the latest solutions.  While some believe only larger companies can adopt new technologies, the latest cloud-based solutions are leveling the playing field.  In many ways it’s now actually smaller organizations that are positioned to be early adopters. Not only does this help them “keep up” with their larger competitors, it might just give them a strategic advantage. Small and Mid-sized Businesses are actually in a Better Position to Adopt New Technologies And there are several reasons for this.  First, for smaller and mid-sized companies, it is often a shorter and easier adoption and implantation.  Solutions can [...]

Small Business Technology: Is It Leveling the Playing Field?2022-02-20T14:16:46-07:00
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