Providing a reliable activation process, KMS Activator stands as an efficient tool for various Microsoft Windows and Office versions.

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Client Takes All to Azure


A client was severing ties with their parent company and wanted to use the transition as an opportunity to evacuate on-premisess data centers and move to a hybrid cloud model. After full discovery and a thorough assessment of the client’s business goals, AccountabilIT designed a plan to move all infrastructure to Office 365 and Azure except for a small footprint of hyper-converged host clusters the would serve for office automation functions. The strategy gave the client their desired level of independency as well as agility and scalability for their future plans. MIGRATION STRATEGY Migrate 60 business servers to Azure utilizing IaaS platform A full O365 migration for over 700 users Deploy two-node hyper-converged Hyper-V host clusters [...]

Client Takes All to Azure2019-05-22T14:18:20-07:00

Microsoft Teams is a Game Changer for Education


Microsoft Teams set the bar for digital transformation in education by wrapping its Office 365 suite of products in a collaboration engine unlike anything I have ever seen. It is surprising to see the agility of a company Microsoft’s size making these innovations seemingly out of nowhere and changing collaboration in education at its core. This is not to say the Google platform isn’t equally impressive in its own right with what some would say is a more robust management offering as well as a much more rapid deployment time; but in the collaboration space, Google pushes its base to platforms such as Slack because it has no offering of its own. A missed opportunity for sure as [...]

Microsoft Teams is a Game Changer for Education2019-05-22T14:21:55-07:00
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