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Telecommuting: 5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make


December 18, 2017 - The time is finally right!  You've decided to take the plunge and allow telecommuting for your employees a few days a week…or perhaps full time.  If you’re smart, you’re also a bit nervous.  And that’s actually a good thing.  Being prepared makes all the difference. A lot can go wrong when you make this move, but it doesn’t have to.  Small and midsized business owners can avoid these 5 common mistakes and come out with all the pros (and none of the cons) that come with allowing employees to work remotely.  (For more on the pros and cons of telecommuting for small and midsized businesses read our blog post from last week). Telecommuting Mistake #1: Managing [...]

Telecommuting: 5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make2022-02-20T14:16:42-07:00

BYOD – Should Your Midsized Business Allow it?


November 27, 2017 - What is BYOD? BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device, and it has become a popular option for employers. And it's popular with employees, too, as more and more team members want to work using their favorite (personal) devices.  In fact, the BYOD and enterprise mobility market size is estimated to double from 2016 to 2017!*  And this may be a great way to save some cash (after all, the employee is now paying for the hardware).  But it may introduce other challenges (and costs) to your business as well.  In this blog post we’ll example the pros and cons of BYOD for small and mid-sized businesses. BYOD Pros User Preference – One of the most [...]

BYOD – Should Your Midsized Business Allow it?2017-11-27T07:30:56-07:00

Why More SMBs are Turning to the Cloud to Reduce TCO


March 6, 2017 - More small and mid-size businesses seem to be taking the initiative to learn more about the benefits of the cloud. Determining why SMBs have this sudden keen interest in the cloud isn’t all that tricky. If you shouted, “Cost Savings!” in a room full of SMBs, you’d undoubtedly be the center of attention. And it seems as if this is also the motivating factor as to why more SMBs are looking into cloud-based solutions to reduce expenditures. Although it seems like an oxymoron to recommend investing in new technology to control costs, cloud-based solutions can be leveraged for a greater return on already inevitable operational expenses. By enhancing productivity and overall efficiency, the cloud could help [...]

Why More SMBs are Turning to the Cloud to Reduce TCO2022-02-20T14:16:47-07:00

How SMBs Can Utilize the Cloud to Build Their Business


February 13, 2017 - There has been a lot of talk lately about the cloud and its ability to put small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and startups on a level playing field with large global enterprises. Can this be substantiated or is it a load of trendy hype to push SMBs to cloud-based solutions?  We’ve compiled this breakdown of how the cloud can be used to boost profitability. The Convenience Factor It once took smaller companies and startups weeks to launch and configure their own IT infrastructure. Doing so also required a ton of overhead costs. Today’s cloud technology provides the benefits of this very same infrastructure but on an as needed and on-demand basis. SMBs can build a technology [...]

How SMBs Can Utilize the Cloud to Build Their Business2022-02-20T14:16:48-07:00
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