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Concerned About Cloud Computing Security? Here’s What You Should Know


More accessibility, more scalability, less maintanence: The benefits of trading in your legacy systems for cloud computing solutions are undeniable. However, more than 90% of organizations are moderately or extremely concerned about security in the cloud. We break down some of the top reasons businesses are worried, and how you start experiencing the value of the cloud without the pitfalls. Top Cloud Security Threats & Concerns Misconfiguration Cloud misconfiguration is one of the leading causes of cloud computing security breaches. Cloud customers not only need to configure their own cloud deployments, but they also have to rely on the security controls provided by the cloud provider—all of which can lead to security gaps and oversights. Lack of Visibility Cloud-based [...]

Concerned About Cloud Computing Security? Here’s What You Should Know2023-01-27T13:14:46-07:00

Why Should You Choose Cloud Computing for Your Business?


Cloud computing is a practical, affordable solution for small and medium business owners. You get all the benefits of big-business infrastructure without the headache or responsibility of managing it yourself. Until recently, all of your company's software and servers stayed in your office where your IT staff worked. However, in recent years, cloud-based software (also known as cloud computing) has surged in popularity. Cloud computing makes it possible to access data and software from any device with an internet connection.  Businesses of all sizes increasingly rely on cloud computing to keep their businesses flexible and resilient. Here are five reasons why: You can log into the office from anywhere. Cloud computing makes remote work easy and accessible. After our pandemic [...]

Why Should You Choose Cloud Computing for Your Business?2022-02-20T14:15:30-07:00

Cloud backup or cloud storage? Find the right solution for your business.


As coronavirus continues to evolve and spread, many companies and organizations are looking at long-term solutions for working from home. One of the most common questions that come up for small and medium businesses is, “how do I keep my files safe while my team works remotely?” Cloud storage and cloud backup solutions are appealing options because they are easy to use and, in some cases, free. These options are often confusing, but there are critical differences between the two. In this article, we explore the differences between cloud storage and cloud backup. We also offer insights on the next steps for anyone interested in implementing one or both of these small business solutions. Cloud Storage Cloud storage makes accessing [...]

Cloud backup or cloud storage? Find the right solution for your business.2022-08-03T11:39:32-07:00

2018 Technology Resolutions for Small & Midsized Business


January 1, 2018 - The new year is here! And with every new year comes a new set of opportunities (and challenges!) for your growing business. Make 2018 the year you use technology to give you a competitive edge, and also to protect your business. If you’ve been putting this off (maybe hoping you’ll somehow be missed by cyber criminals?), now is your chance! Tackle that IT “to do” list and put yourself on the right path to move your business forward. Technology Resolution #1 – Backup Your Data Take a moment to picture this: What would happen to your business if you lost a day’s worth of data? A week’s? All of it? Unfortunately data loss can happen to [...]

2018 Technology Resolutions for Small & Midsized Business2022-02-20T14:16:42-07:00

Small Business Technology: Is It Leveling the Playing Field?


October 30, 2017 - New technologies come online every day. Small and mid-sized businesses can be position themselves well for the future by adopting the latest solutions.  While some believe only larger companies can adopt new technologies, the latest cloud-based solutions are leveling the playing field.  In many ways it’s now actually smaller organizations that are positioned to be early adopters. Not only does this help them “keep up” with their larger competitors, it might just give them a strategic advantage. Small and Mid-sized Businesses are actually in a Better Position to Adopt New Technologies And there are several reasons for this.  First, for smaller and mid-sized companies, it is often a shorter and easier adoption and implantation.  Solutions can [...]

Small Business Technology: Is It Leveling the Playing Field?2022-02-20T14:16:46-07:00

Why More SMBs are Turning to the Cloud to Reduce TCO


March 6, 2017 - More small and mid-size businesses seem to be taking the initiative to learn more about the benefits of the cloud. Determining why SMBs have this sudden keen interest in the cloud isn’t all that tricky. If you shouted, “Cost Savings!” in a room full of SMBs, you’d undoubtedly be the center of attention. And it seems as if this is also the motivating factor as to why more SMBs are looking into cloud-based solutions to reduce expenditures. Although it seems like an oxymoron to recommend investing in new technology to control costs, cloud-based solutions can be leveraged for a greater return on already inevitable operational expenses. By enhancing productivity and overall efficiency, the cloud could help [...]

Why More SMBs are Turning to the Cloud to Reduce TCO2022-02-20T14:16:47-07:00

Cloud Monitoring Can Be the Difference Maker for SMBs


It’s a fast-paced world. Not only do people want things, but they also want things right now. This sometimes-unnerving need for instant satisfaction has only intensified now that we have Wi-Fi and mobile devices that keep us connected regardless of where we are, what we’re doing or the time of day. There is no longer any tolerance whatsoever for waiting. A business with a website that fails to load, or loads too slowly, will lose customers and leads to competitors. So what has your business done to address this need for constant accessibility and optimal uptime? Do you feel you’re doing enough to meet the demands and expectations of your customers, new business prospects and those who have just now [...]

Cloud Monitoring Can Be the Difference Maker for SMBs2023-06-21T00:08:18-07:00

How SMBs Can Utilize the Cloud to Build Their Business


February 13, 2017 - There has been a lot of talk lately about the cloud and its ability to put small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and startups on a level playing field with large global enterprises. Can this be substantiated or is it a load of trendy hype to push SMBs to cloud-based solutions?  We’ve compiled this breakdown of how the cloud can be used to boost profitability. The Convenience Factor It once took smaller companies and startups weeks to launch and configure their own IT infrastructure. Doing so also required a ton of overhead costs. Today’s cloud technology provides the benefits of this very same infrastructure but on an as needed and on-demand basis. SMBs can build a technology [...]

How SMBs Can Utilize the Cloud to Build Their Business2022-02-20T14:16:48-07:00
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