PHOENIX, AZ — January 8, 2021 — AccountabilIT has announced it has acquired Enterprise Technology Services (ETS), a managed services provider in Arizona. The purchase will allow both companies to expand their presence and dominance in the Arizona and national markets, and to offer a wider variety of services and products to their customers. 

AccountabilIT has been an innovative leader in both the cybersecurity space (being the first partner to offer Microsoft Azure Sentinel) as well as in cloud computing. The acquisition fits into AccountabilIT’s strategy to expand its footprint in key national markets, along with its practice of hardware and software resale (a core offering of ETS). This joining of forces and competencies will further cement both companies’ reputations among customers as trusted technology providers and advisors, and provide additional growth opportunities for the 160 employees of the two firms. 

“There is strong alignment in the goals and objectives of both organizations,” said Jim Siragusa, President and CEO of ETS. “This allows us to continue to expand our product and service offerings in order to stay relevant to our clients. We’re particularly interested in delivering a more cohesive managed security strategy, along with more cloud capabilities. The combination of our organizations means we have instantly expanded our cloud expertise and security capabilities dramatically. What we bring is our long history of delivering a wide variety of IT solutions.”

“We see the world very similarly regarding how to create a culture of accountability,” said Chuck Vermillion, AccountabilIT CEO. “The anchor of our culture is ridiculous commitment to the customer, and it’s the same with ETS. It’s clear that we both have a bias and a culture that supports providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible. This gives us another way to say yes to customer requests, and our customers are extremely excited about it.”

About AccountabilIT

AccountabilIT is a managed IT services and cybersecurity firm based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, with more than 22 years of experience. AccountabilIT’s customer-first service delivery strategy is instrumental in leading the industry in customer satisfaction, as measured by the Net Promoter score. 

About Enterprise Technology Services

Enterprise Technology services has delivered accessible, affordable and dependable IT solutions to businesses in Arizona since 1998. ETS strives to develop enduring client relationships using vast expertise and an emphasis on customer service, and give the client control over their own IT networks. For more information, please visit us at