When reviewing your organization’s IT support options, it can be hard to discern fact from fiction. Below we discuss some of the most common misperceptions that we have encountered in our 19+ years in this business. We hope this helps you evaluate your options!

Myth #1: Antivirus Software will Protect You from a Data Breach

It is all too painfully commonplace to hear someone say that they have their data security addressed because they have antivirus software. It’s not an unreasonable thought process, to be fair. The problem is that the landscape of cybercrime has become so incredibly vast and complex over the years that no single approach is going to keep your organization protected. 

Since the rise of Covid-19, and with the massive move from the office to working from home, hackers and other opportunistic cybercriminals have unlocked a plethora of fraud opportunities. 

For example:

  • Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, reported cybercrime has increased by 300%. (IMC Grupo)
  • 20% of all organizations have experienced a security breach as a result of remote workers. (Malwarebytes)
  • The cost of a data breach currently averages $137,000. Small small and medium-sized organizations are the most common and vulnerable targets. (IBM)
  • Distractions while working from home is the most commonly cited cause for remote employees falling for phishing emails. (Tessian)

Even though working from home presents new risks to organization data and networks, it looks like remote work will be the new norm. The workforce has come to expect this type of flexibility.

The right IT Managed Service Provider can help you build on your antivirus software with layered security solutions. Your organization also needs staff training, cloud monitoring, and backup and disaster recovery strategies so that your data, and your client’s data, are safely locked down.

Myth #2: Internal IT and Managed IT cannot coexist

In-House IT teams can often be a Managed Service Provider’s best partners. They recognize the opportunity to outsource 24×7 monitoring, security awareness training, backup and disaster recovery, and day-to-day break/fix problem-solving. This frees up the in-house IT team to focus on the company’s mission. 

Myth #3: It is Possible to Stay Focused on Growing Your Business While Managing Your IT Yourself

You have heard this before, but we’ll gently remind you. You can’t do it all. At some time, your organization will grow to the tipping point when handling all of your technical challenges and strategies has diminishing returns. Sure, it may seem that you are saving money, but when you factor in the opportunity costs, are you?

Suppose IT is not that thing you do. In that case, the right IT Managed Service Provider can, in all likelihood, solve your IT issues more quickly, more effectively, and cheaper than you can.

With a team of dedicated, experienced IT professionals, you are free to focus on your core business. 

Myth #4 With Managed IT Services, You will Lose Control of Your Data and Networks 

The right managed IT service provider will work with your organization to create a tailored plan. They will protect your data, proactively manage your technology, and resolve your day-to-day IT issues quickly and courteously. 

You maintain control and ownership of your networks. 

Myth #5: All IT Managed Service Providers are the Same

Just as in any industry, not all Managed IT Service Providers offer the same quality of services and support. It is crucial to approach selecting the right Managed IT Service Provider armed with some knowledge. 

For this reason, we have created a list of questions to ask when looking for the right Managed IT Service Provider. 

You want an IT partner with experience, great customer relationships, and who can provide layered security solutions and effective proactive and reactive support.

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