One way to modernize your business is to partner with an IT consulting firm in Denver that keeps up with the latest technology. Instead of worrying about the latest trends, you can work with a firm that monitors new technology for you. The cloud has become a haven for businesses to explore for cutting costs and improving productivity. Here are three reasons why using an IT consultant for the cloud can elevate your business:

1. Simplify Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud requires plenty of time and careful planning. Allowing an IT consultant to oversee a cloud migration makes for a smoother transition. If you haven’t started using the cloud yet, you might consider a gradual transition so that employees ease into a new work environment.

An IT consultant that has worked with multiple cloud services can save you from committing common mistakes. Businesses inexperienced at cloud migration can end up with insufficient security, inconsistent testing and overlooked dependencies. They may also have to deal with a confusing mess of configuration issues. A seasoned IT consultant, on the other hand, can demystify the process along with other maintenance issues and ensure limited downtime.

2. Overcome Cloud Challenges

The most challenging aspects of the cloud are migration and adoption. Migration involves effective assessment and planning. An IT consultant will assess your bandwidth needs for a private cloud over a WAN. One of the reasons companies run into trouble when they try to set up their own cloud is that they don’t assess the proper network traffic capacity, which can lead to performance issues. An IT consultant will also ensure proper licensing.

3. Train Your Staff

An IT consulting firm in Denver can take on the role of a mentor to help accelerate your staff’s learning curve regarding cloud adoption. A consultant can distribute instructions to each staff member and be available to answer questions. Most cloud services are already designed to be user-friendly, so training usually doesn’t take long for workers to become proficient with a new platform.

An IT consultant also takes proactive measures to alert employees about how to avoid nefarious websites and emails. One of the most common ways that systems get attacked by hackers is by employee error, such as clicking an email attachment that installs malware on their computer. Employees need to be advised that visiting websites with illegal content can generate complaints within the organization.

Employees can learn from an IT consultant the different types of clouds, such as public, private, and hybrid. A public cloud is controlled by a third party while a private cloud is controlled internally.

A private cloud allows for employees to access their work at any time from any location. A typical cloud account involves logging in with a username and password. An IT consultant can set policies on access and authentication for a private cloud to help make it more difficult for cybercriminals to penetrate the system.


If you plan to migrate to the cloud, it helps to partner with an IT consulting firm in Denver. Cloud migration is a tricky process that requires trained professionals. Contact us at AccountabilIT Inc. to learn more about how we can help you move your business to the cloud.