The impact of technology is constantly shaping the workplace. Here’s a look at how technological advancements have increased everything from productivity to profitability.

Office life is at the center of the popular TV series Mad Men, yet you may not have noticed the groundbreaking technology of the time illustrated throughout the show. From typewriters to the invention of the conference call, the available tools changed the way of work in the 1960s.

Giant leaps in technology continue to shape the modern office, from how businesses communicate with customers and how employees interact to automating repetitive tasks and seeing profitability clearly.

Here are five ways that technology has affected the workplace of today.

Increased productivity

From in-cloud Gantt charts to digital time tracking apps to the automation of just about every task imaginable, productivity and time optimization have greatly benefited from improvements in technology. Efficiencies in operations — whether in the warehouse or marketing — have all come from introducing new technologies.

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Technology itself has gotten faster. 5G will increase internet speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G. In our Internet of Things (IoT) world, fast connections increase the capacity of your teams and your systems.

Increased collaboration and connection

The use of video tools, chat applications, collaborative digital work environments, and more have enabled workers to collaborate on important projects, even if those workers are in different locations.

Technology also facilitates employee connection across teams and locations. It’s essential for employees to feel part of a team, and online communication has made that much more possible beyond the four walls of a traditional office.

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A clearer view of profitability

It used to be a great deal harder to track where your customers were coming from, how they found out about you, what they were purchasing, whether they were repeat customers, and what their lifetime value is. But today’s tools are equipped to give you a holistic look at every dollar coming in from those customers, as well as every dollar going out to attract and retain them.

The right technologies can help you identify and cut wasteful spend, provide robust analytics for data-driven decision making, and optimize workflows — and that’s just the start.

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Enabled remote work

“Work from anywhere” is the modern-day workplace ethos for many employees and business leaders alike, and this couldn’t be possible without the right technology tools.

Project management software, video communication tools, cloud technologies, and so on help keep employees productive, manage their time, and collaborate with others. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is another increasingly common example of technology in the workplace that makes this flexibility and mobility a viable way to work.

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Enhanced security

High levels of security are the be-all and end-all of a technology-shaped workplace. When the majority of a business’s sensitive information is in the cloud and employees are working via their own devices in their own spaces, your security exposure is much higher. Thankfully, cybersecurity tools make it possible to keep pace with the rising threats and mitigate risk.

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